December 22, 2017 Meeting Minutes


 DATE & TIME:            Monday, 18 December 2017            7:00-9:00 P.M.PLACE:

Education Center, 1426 N Quincy St, Arlington, VA 22207 

  • CPCI Report Emily Vincent


  1. Emily Vincent has agreed to become new CPCI Committee Chair
  2. Report on CPCI grants, and updates to CPCI process and policies- documents to be posted to the website. Looking at the criteria to make sure that the CPCI grants do not become line items in budgets.  Also, will try to make sure that all future requests are based on the same criteria.  Primary idea behind CPCI is to enable PTAs with strong finances to help the students in schools whose PTAs do not have adequate resources.
  3. Additional volunteers needed to serve on CPCI committee- have at least one member from executive committee to serve on it and then add 2-3 committee members.
  • SRO Committee Update Kathleen McSweeney, Juliet Hiznay, Kyra Wolford


  1. Work of Committee in reviewing both Model MOU and APS drafts
  2. Student Rights Education/Parent Education
  3. Key Points/Recommendation for changes to APS Draft
    • Committee requested that the following areas of the drafts revert back to the language of the model.
      • Administrative vs police search
      • Training for staff for discipline
      • SRO should only question students at schools for incidents that happened at school or for imminent danger
      • SRO provide a statement of rights to students
      • Notify parents if they are being questioned
      • Police to provide data requests
      • Create, track and other MOU metrics
  1. Background- see PowerPoint
    • VA lead the country in referrals to SRO and courts- disproportionately minorities and special needs students
    • “Classrooms not Courtrooms        
    • Discussion on Motion
    • Murphy responded to questions with the following information: The superintendent can call a search for any reason without probable cause. Superintendent has a lower threshold than the police.  Canines maybe brought in at any time.  Lockers are property of the schools; desk, etc. can be searched at any time.
    • Where do 18-year olds fall? Not a question of age but a question of type of search.
    • What if police do not have enough probable cause; could they go to the principal and ask them to search? Murphy says it depends on circumstances but that is what the MOU is trying to find out.
    • A lot of information is in the handbook. Juliet would like to be given direction to look at some of the issues in the handbook.
    • APS working on a Students Rights document for equity for all students.
    • Question on training for SROs in regard to special needs/disabilities to deescalate situations. Many strategies involve helping students handle the frustrations and problems.
  • Superintendent Update Patrick Murphy


  1. Currently 27,500 students enrolled in APS
  2. Naming policy on current and new schools – draft criteria for names of our schools
  3. Acceptable use – rescheduling meeting – there are 5 policies for technology but we are trying to make it 2. Will be taking it to the board in March.
  4. Took action on middle school boundaries on Dec 14
    1. Transfers message went out today
  5. Elementary school boundaries- Jan 23, 2018
  6. Budget to be decided on Feb 22; at the moment we have a 21-23 million dollar gap.
  7. Education Building moving to Syphax Building. Will be repurposed to house classes.
  8. Calendar input on-going


  • Proposed Know Your Rights When Interacting with Law Enforcement Jeannette Allen


  1. A draft APS-developed card for students that outlines their rights when dealing with the police was distributed.
  2. Arlington County Police Department (ACPD) also has a document for dealing with juveniles. They can speak to children without parents present.
  3. How will the APS card be delivered to every student at the secondary school level? Roll out in Social Studies or English classes, as all students take these classes.
  4. Request for document to be posted prominently where police will be questioning students
  5. Perhaps make two documents one with the PR message from the police and one that highlights (maybe bulleted) what the students need to know. The draft has two goals and they need to be separated.
  6. Will there be community engagement on this card?


  • School Board Update Barbara Kanninen   


  1. December’s school board meeting was James Landers’ last, as he steps down to be replaced on January 4 by Monique O’Grady, who is believed to be the first African American Woman elected in Arlington.
  2. Middle School boundaries vote on Thursday – directed the Superintendent on program moves. We may need to do some refinements to the boundaries once everything is in place.  Want as many transfer options as possible.  If a 6th grader transferred into a school that student will be able to stay after boundaries change.
  3. Whole child work session. The survey was discussed
  4. November meeting: discussion about middle school; engagement of all students.
  5. January meeting: budget, elementary school boundaries. Budget- tough year.  County revenue is not growing at a pace with school growth.  Opening two elementary schools- 2019 and 2021.
  6. Jennifer Bauer suggested that we should form a committee to advocate to the County Board and to create a recommendation for the CCPTA to vote on.
    1. Committee- Mike O’Leary (Discovery), Bob Matthew (Ashlawn), Lois Koontz, Sandy (TJ)


  • Facilities Advisory Council Lois Koontz


  1. Capacity numbers – Looking at random points for each section of schools and trying to project number of students and then trying to figure out how many schools we will need.
    1. Need to be thinking in terms of growth
  2. January meeting discussing elementary school boundaries


  • Voting Items                                                                  


  1. From November CCPTA Meeting Agenda
    1. Request Motion – Adopt CCPTA Committee on SROs and Student Rights Recommendations on APS MOU with ACPD as summarized below:
    2. The Virginia Department of Justice created a Model MOU balancing school and police needs, considering the statewide problem of a school to prison pipeline. Specific delineations in this Model MOU reflect that generally SROs not be involved in administrative searches or school discipline, and that interviewing and questioning students by SROs at school should be limited to potential criminal activity at school or specific exigent circumstances.  Parental notification should be provided when such questioning must occur.  CCPTA recommends APS entirely and specifically adhere to the Model MOU language on these substantive points. Motion passed with no objections and with one abstention.
  2. Adopt November Meeting Minutes- approved


  • Upcoming Items

 Reflections Ceremony January 9, 2018  (for County-wide winners/submissions)January CCPTA Meeting Discussion Topics: Update on Homework policies/Recess/1:1 UsageJanuary CCPTA Meeting Location Update