County Council of PTAs (CCPTA) Arlington, VA

The Arlington County Council of PTAs (CCPTA) is an advocate for the education and well-being of every child attending Arlington Public Schools (APS). Our volunteer membership includes representatives from each APS Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and some APS advisory groups.

  • The CCPTA serves as the collective representative voice for all APS PTAs. We advocate on behalf of all APS PTAs to the Arlington School Board, Arlington County Board, and APS Superintendent and senior staff.
  • We educate the leaders of our member PTAs and serve as a resource so they can be effective advocates for their respective school communities.
  • We engage our member PTAs and encourage participation so that our voice is strong and representative of the county as a whole.
  • We sponsor the CCPTA Grant Fund, established in 2015, which provides targeted financial grants to those Arlington public schools in need of funding to accomplish specific, limited goals not otherwise funded by county or private sources.
  • We encourage individual PTAs to raise issues with potential relevance to the greater Arlington school community, so they can be discussed, amplified, and elevated to a countywide voice.
  • The CCPTA is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is not controlled by, nor does it work for, APS or any other entity. Each APS PTA is equally as independent from its associated school and community, collaborating as a partner in advocating for the students in that school.
  • The CCPTA is an affiliate of the National PTA of the United States and participates in the work of the Virginia PTA Association and its Northern Virginia district to help ensure high-quality public education for all children.

Current Efforts

  • Adopted Resolution on the Need for APS to Fund School Supplies: APS’s reliance on parents and teachers to donate necessary school supplies is inconsistent with its own policies on equity and external funding; is enormously wasteful of time, effort, and money; exacerbates inequities among schools; and does not provide students with sufficient supplies in a consistent manner. The Arlington CCPTA urges APS to fund school supplies.
  • Advocacy: Recommended improvements to the APS Boundary Change Process. Earlier this year, the CCPTA membership approved a set of recommendations addressing improvements we’d like to see in how APS conducts boundary change and school move processes. We’re currently working with APS and the School Board to determine whether, when, and how our recommendations–some of which require School Board policy changes–can be implemented. Read the CCPTA’s recommendations and the APS response on the CCPTA Advocacy page.
  • Fundraising considerations for school PTAs: The CCPTA executive board has distributed some questions and suggestions for local PTA leaders to consider as they organize their fundraising efforts for the 2022-23 school year. Our goal is to get local PTAs thinking about the balance of their efforts (how much of your work involves advocacy vs. fundraising, for example?) and to consider whether their fundraising is contributing to inequities within or across school communities.  We’re also working with APS leadership to clarify how school staff may be involved in fundraising and what types of funds schools can accept, either directly from families or from the PTA. See the Resources page for CCPTA Fundraising Guidance for School PTAs