CCPTA Partnerships Committee

The CCPTA Partnerships Committee encourages and facilitates collaboration between Arlington schools and PTAs.  Partnership efforts may include:

• Lasting and meaningful relationships between individual schools

• Joint efforts between schools/PTAs to support initiatives that benefit multiple communities

• CCPTA facilitated programs across Arlington schools/PTAs to support Arlington families and schools.

The primary goal of the CCPTA Partnerships Committee is to help Arlington schools and PTAs work together to share resources and support one another. Established in May 2020 during the current pandemic (originally started as the Partnerships Program in May 2019), the Partnerships Committee was instrumental in helping those in our community over the last year.

Through structured partnerships and collaborations, the CCPTA Partnerships Committee endeavors to provide mutual benefits through shared experiences, increased opportunities for students, the fostering of extended communities, and creating opportunities for students and families from different schools to come together. CCPTA believes that a larger sense of community can ease transitions during boundary changes; that bringing PTA leadership teams together will help new PTAs and their leadership start – and continue – strong; and that school communities working as a team will enrich the social and academic experiences of students at each school beyond the ability of a single PTA working within its individual APS-designated community.

Help make a difference and show your support for Arlington families by contributing to the many efforts that Arlington PTAs and schools have established to support our community. Whether donating funds, gift cards, food, books, or other supplies, or volunteering your time, your generosity is very appreciated during this time!

CCPTA Partnerships: School/PTA Community Support Efforts Update Form: In order to keep the CCPTA Partnerships Committee up to date on your latest school/PTA community support efforts, please take a few minutes to provide your updated status and any needs we can help out with. Thank you for all your support for Arlington families!

Regarding PTA finances:

  • Please exercise caution and restraint when it comes to how PTA funds are spent, even in a crisis and comply with the Virginia PTA guidance linked here.
    • PTAs are not permitted to raise money for other organizations or individuals.
    • PTAs can publicize efforts that are being undertaken, but no money can go through the PTA’s account.
    • For example, PTAs may not purchase gift cards to be given to individuals or families.
  • What CAN PTAs do during this time to help our communities?
    • PTAs may share information about community efforts to provide goods and services to families
    • PTAs may share funds with other PTAs.
  • Questions? Please contact the PTA/school point person listed in the Directory of Ongoing Efforts, or the Partnerships Committee contacts with any questions that CCPTA may assist with.
  • Note to PTAs/Schools: Please contact Christa Mansur as you have updates to your current initiatives or other changes to your community support efforts.

Thank you to Arlington PTAs, schools, and families for supporting our community!