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Outdoor School Property Use Guidance for PTAs (March 15, 2021)

Informational Statement for Families Regarding Privacy During Virtual Learning (September 7, 2020)

Latest Weekly What You Need To Know: February 1-7

Resources for PTAs During School Closures:

Statement on the Impact of Virtual Learning on PTA Members and Officer Eligibility
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many PTAs have had questions about the potential impact of distance and home learning on PTA membership and officer eligibility.  During the August 10 Meeting, Hamid Munir, Director of NOVA PTA provided some guidance on the potential impact of distance and home learning on PTA membership eligibility.  Those comments are reflected in the Minutes and are summarized in the following FAQ:

“Q: Can parents of students who are virtual, temporary, or home schooled, or in private-school become members of PTA? Can they be officers?

A: Yes. VAPTA Local Unit Bylaws Article 5: Membership and Dues. Section 2. Membership in this local PTA/PTSA shall be open, without discrimination, to anyone who believes in and supports the mission and purpose of National PTA. Section 6. Only members of this local PTA/PTSA shall be eligible to vote in the business of this local PTA/PTSA or to serve in any of its elected or appointed positions.”

Information on Food and Housing Resources for Members of the Arlington Community

Please refer to the Arlington County COVID-19 website for detailed and up to date information.

Please also note that Arlington residents can call 703-228-1300 if they need immediate assistance with food, housing, or utilities.