2022-23 Membership

On October 18, 2021, our members adopted a rate of dues of $0.25 per local unit member, which remains in effect. Dues are payable on or before December 1. Remittance of dues for local unit members received after December 1 shall be made on or before June 1.  A unit shall be considered in arrears sixty days after December 1 and shall be considered a member not in good standing.

Arlington CCPTA – FY 2022-23 Membership Form


  1. The treasurer of your PTA should get the number of members from the membership chairperson.
  2. Submit the above form (fillable PDF) along with payment. You may print a hard copy and mail it with your payment or email a copy to  Keep a copy of this form for your records.
  3. Make checks payable to Arlington County Council of PTAs and mail to:
    Arlington CCPTA, Treasurer
    C/O Laura Haltzel