2021-22 Membership

Article IV, Section 2, of the County Council By-Laws states: “The annual dues in this council shall be twenty five cents for each member of the local unit. Dues shall be payable December 1 and shall be determined by the number of members during the school year. A unit shall be considered in arrears sixty days after December 1 and shall be considered a member not in good standing.”

Arlington CCPTA – FY2021-22 Membership Form


  1. The treasurer of your PTA should get the number of members from the membership chairperson.
  2. Submit this form (fillable PDF) along with payment. You may print a hard copy and mail it with your payment or email a copy to  Keep a copy of this form for your records.
  3. Make checks payable to Arlington County Council of PTAs and mail to:
    Arlington CCPTA, Treasurer
    C/O Laura Haltzel

Dues Calculations:

Membership dues are $0.25 per local unit member for each local PTA/PTSA and shall be payable on or before December 1. Remittance of dues for local unit members received after December 1 shall be made on or before June 30.

Number of Members:

X $0.25 Total Dues Enclosed:
This payment represents dues collected for new members for the following month(s): December 1st June 30th
Donation Amount Enclosed (Optional):  $