Meet the Board

Kendra Anderson has served in various PTA positions throughout the county including: 2015-17 as Nottingham ES Treasurer, 2018-2020 as Kenmore MS Membership Chair, 2019-2021 as Kenmore MS Treasurer and as the CCPTA Treasurer since August 2018. She has a rising Kenmore seventh grader and a tenth grader at Washington-Lee. Kendra’s professional career spanned a number of positions in the Change Management field; she is currently employed as an account executive for a small firm based in Miami and also serves as the Treasurer for Girl Scout Troop 495 and manager for the ARL 2003G White Soccer Team.

Mary Kadera has an eighth grader and a sixth grader in Arlington Public Schools. She served as a PTA officer at McKinley Elementary from 2016-2020, most recently as its president. She began her work life as a high school teacher, moving on to PBS to oversee its national digital education services in the early days of the internet. Since having children, she’s worked as a consultant for a variety of local and national K-12 education non-profit and media organizations. She’s intensely interested in the importance of school culture and has studied policies and practices that create strong relationships among school staff, families, and students.

Claire Noakes joined CCPTA as Tuckahoe’s representative in 2018, which introduced her to the big picture on APS goals, challenges, and spending. She is currently serving as a member of the School and County Board Joint Facilities Advisory Commission and the County Board Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission, trying to cross-pollinate good ideas wherever they pop up.  She works as an attorney for a federal financial regulator and enjoys vegetable gardening

Katherine Novello has served on the Campbell Elementary School executive board as both Secretary and CCPTA Representative. Katherine has a third grader and first grader at Campbell. Prior to joining the Campbell Executive Board, Katherine served on the Executive Board of her children’s cooperative preschool. Katherine enjoys volunteering at her children’s school, most recently serving as a co-coach for one of the teams that represented Campbell at the NOVA East Odyssey of the Mind Tournament. Katherine has a professional background in educational television programming and has lived in Arlington for 11 years.

Mike O’Leary has two third graders at Discovery Elementary School and has served on the Discovery PTA Board as both Public Affairs Officer and Secretary.  He been involved with the CCPTA since 2017 when he began serving as the representative for Discovery.  Mike is an attorney at a law firm in Washington, D.C.

Emily Vincent has two children in APS so far, a 2nd grader and Kindergartner at Randolph ES. She joined the CCPTA as Randolph’s representative in 2017 and is passionate about addressing educational inequities. Because of this interest, she has been the Chair of the CCPTA’s CPCI Committee since the fall of 2017. She is also serving as Randolph’s PTA President and is a co-oping parent at Arlington Unitarian Cooperative Preschool where her youngest child attends. She is the founder of Facing Race in Arlington and White Folks Facing Race, which are dedicated to confronting racism in ourselves and our communities. Emily has a professional background in public history, grant management, and non-profit coordination and has lived in Arlington for seven years.