Board Members:

President: Claire N., ccpta.arlington.pres@gmail.com

First Vice President: Will L.ccptavparlington@gmail.com

Second Vice President: Dima H., ccptavppolicyarlington@gmail.com

Treasurer: Laura H., ccptatreasurerarlington@gmail.com

Secretary: Mike O., ccptasecretaryarlington@gmail.com

Committees/Working Groups:

Grant Fund: Kate M.

Partnerships: Christa M.

Reflections: April M.

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Meet the Board

Claire N. joined CCPTA as Tuckahoe’s representative in 2018, which introduced her to the big picture on APS goals, challenges, and spending. She is currently serving as a member of the School and County Board Joint Facilities Advisory Commission and the County Board Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission, trying to cross-pollinate good ideas wherever they pop up.  She works as an attorney for a federal financial regulator and enjoys vegetable gardening.

Laura H. has a 3rd grade son currently in the Arlington Virtual Learning Program (VLP) and whose home school is Escuela Key. In 2021-2022, Laura served as a liaison between Key students and families in the VLP and the Escuela Key community. In addition to that formal role, Laura spent a large portion of the last year working collaboratively with other VLP families from schools across Arlington and APS leadership to remedy the issues with the launch of that program. Trained as a policy analyst, Laura works as a Research Manager on Income Security issues for the non-partisan Congressional Research Service. She enjoys cooking, traveling, and cheering for her son’s baseball team.

Will L. has a daughter attending Barrett Elementary School and served as Barrett’s PTA President from 2019-2021. He continues to support the Barrett school community by being involved with its Family and Community Engagement (FACE) committee aimed at creating meaningful partnerships with families to support student academic success. He is also a Sunday School teacher and an assistant coach on his daughter’s softball team. He works in the federal government relations practice group at a law firm in DC

Dima H. has represented her daughters’ schools at CCPTA for the past several years. She sees her new role at CCPTA as a natural extension to her overall involvement in serving APS students and advocating for them.  Over the past ten years that her children have attended APS schools (Dorothy Hamm Middle School, Arlington Science Focus, the Virtual Learning Program and the Montessori Program at Jamestown Elementary), she has enjoyed coaching basketball, coordinating and coaching Odyssey of the Mind, teaching Art in the Classroom, coaching Lego Robotics, and being a school volunteer among other school activities. Professionally, Dima is an attorney, arbitrator, and mediator.

Mike O. has two fourth graders at Discovery Elementary School and has served on the Discovery PTA Board as both Public Affairs Officer and Secretary.  He has been involved with the CCPTA since 2017 when he began serving as the school representative for Discovery.    Mike is an attorney at a law firm in Washington, D.C. and serves as a Board Member and Compliance officer the firm’s charitable foundation.  He also enjoys coaching each of his children’s Arlington youth sports teams.

Board Position Descriptions

– Create council meeting agendas and preside at all meetings of the council
– Coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the council to promote their work
– Submit contact information of officers upon election to VA PTA
– Support the PTA mission within the council boundary
– Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees of this council except the nominating committee

Vice President (first):
– Act as aide to the president
– Perform the duties of the president in the absence or inability of that officer to act
– Coordinate efforts of the vice presidents and committees

Vice President (second):
– Coordinate advocacy efforts of the council in cooperation with council membership and executive members
– Evaluate relevant school and county policies that impact the council mission
– Make recommendations and draft resolutions for membership consideration regarding policy and advocacy efforts of the council
– Mentor and coordinate with relevant committee chairs

Vice President (third):
– Coordinate special projects and programs (ie. CPCI grant fund, Partnerships Program)
– Coordinate with chairs of special events (ie. County Reflections Program, Summer Activities Fair)
– Mentor and coordinate with relevant committee chairs

– Record the minutes of all meetings of the council, gather digital copies of all relevant handouts, and disseminate the minutes and additional information to the membership email list
– Keep the official copy of the council bylaws in their files
– Maintain and keep an accurate roster of the names and contact information of each PTA president and CCPTA rep, and the members of the council executive board
– Update the CCPTA website and maintain the membership email list
– Foster timely communications with members and manage the general CCPTA email address account

– Have custody of all the funds and finances of the council
– Keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures as described in these bylaws, make authorized disbursements (checks signed by two officers)
– Present a written financial statement at every meeting of the council and at other times when requested by the executive board
– Prepare an annual financial report at the close of the fiscal year and have the accounts examined according to the auditing procedures outlined in the bylaws
– Submit a copy of the fiscal year-end audit and submit proper forms to the IRS