Board Members:

Interim President: Mary Kadera, ccpta.arlington.pres@gmail.com

Vice President for Policy: Claire Noakes, ccptavppolicy@gmail.com

Treasurer: Kendra Anderson, ccptatreasurerarlington@gmail.com

Secretary: Mike O’Leary, ccptasecretaryarlington@gmail.com

Committees/Working Groups:

Grant Fund: Kate Merrill, Karrie Beaudry

Partnerships: Christa Mansur

Reflections: April Maddox

Contact Us:

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Board Position Descriptions

– Create council meeting agendas and preside at all meetings of the council
– Coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the council to promote their work
– Submit contact information of officers upon election to VA PTA
– Support the PTA mission within the council boundary
– Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees of this council except the nominating committee

Vice President (first):
– Act as aide to the president
– Perform the duties of the president in the absence or inability of that officer to act
– Coordinate efforts of the vice presidents and committees

Vice President (second):
– Coordinate advocacy efforts of the council in cooperation with council membership and executive members
– Evaluate relevant school and county policies that impact the council mission
– Make recommendations and draft resolutions for membership consideration regarding policy and advocacy efforts of the council
– Mentor and coordinate with relevant committee chairs

Vice President (third):
– Coordinate special projects and programs (ie. CPCI grant fund, Partnerships Program)
– Coordinate with chairs of special events (ie. County Reflections Program, Summer Activities Fair)
– Mentor and coordinate with relevant committee chairs

– Record the minutes of all meetings of the council, gather digital copies of all relevant handouts, and disseminate the minutes and additional information to the membership email list
– Keep the official copy of the council bylaws in their files
– Maintain and keep an accurate roster of the names and contact information of each PTA president and CCPTA rep, and the members of the council executive board
– Update the CCPTA website and maintain the membership email list
– Foster timely communications with members and manage the general CCPTA email address account

– Have custody of all the funds and finances of the council
– Keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures as described in these bylaws, make authorized disbursements (checks signed by two officers)
– Present a written financial statement at every meeting of the council and at other times when requested by the executive board
– Prepare an annual financial report at the close of the fiscal year and have the accounts examined according to the auditing procedures outlined in the bylaws
– Submit a copy of the fiscal year-end audit and submit proper forms to the IRS