APS and Arlington County Programs/Information:
Arlington County Transportation – Shared Mobility Devices information

Arlington County Child Advocacy Center has trainings and resources.
Arlington Child and Family Services is hosting an ongoing Parent Support Group with upcoming virtual conversations.
Healthy Community Action Team (HCAT) Arlington is supported through the Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth and Families (APCYF)

Opportunities and Organizations:
Challenging Racism: Learning How training sessions for parents and community sponsored by APS at various locations. For information about their opportunities and more details about what each Challenging Racism group offers, please visit their website.

Yoga for Educators and Mindfulness for Educators – brochure

Read Early and Daily (R.E.A.D.) local nonprofit

Arlington County Department of Parks and Recreation PSA “Trees are good for your wallet”

BRAWS (based in Vienna, VA) PTA/PTSA Pantries – ensuring access to menstrual products at schools, as well as other basic needs for students in need. “Students in need can discreetly “shop” for nonperishable food and personal hygiene items in these school pantries. This is a wonderful example of community resources coming together to help students and their families and to make these necessary items easily available.If you are a representative of your school’s PTA/PTSA and are interested in bringing menstrual products supplied by BRAWS to your pantry, please email us at to become a PTA/PTSA partner.”

Learning Heroes (based in Alexandria, VA) – “According to our national research, there’s a big gap between what parents think about their child’s grade level progress vs. how their child is actually doing. We’re focused on helping you get the accurate picture you need and deserve so you can best support learning at home.”

Grant/Fundraising Opportunities:
Empowering Enrichment – “The mission of our nonprofit is to increase access to PTA-sponsored enrichment activities for students with financial need who attend schools either with a Title 1 status or where at least 25% of the student population participate in the free and reduced lunch program. We are passionate about ensuring these vital programs are accessible to all students, regardless of financial ability, for the betterment of our communities. Since 2016, we have funded more than $7,000 in grants to schools in the DC Metro area. We would like your help in spreading the word about Empowering Enrichment and our continued work to increase access to enrichment opportunities for students in need. We ask that you please share the mission of Empowering Enrichment with the schools in your district that meet the eligibility criteria, and therefore may wish to apply for a grant to support access to their PTA-sponsored enrichment programs.” (brochure)

PTA Connected Grants – “PTA Connected is National PTA’s new initiative to connect PTA members to the best resources in digital safety, literacy, wellness, access and equity. Our goal is to help local PTAs facilitate conversations between parents and children about how families can grow together in the digital world. National PTA will award over 400 grants, and $400,000, through PTA Connected! In addition to financial support, selected PTAs will receive access to PTA’s expertly designed programs and full technical support for their event.”