County PTA Collaboration Initiative (CPCI)

Next application period:
Applications due February 10, 2020
Awards announced March 16, 2020

The Arlington County Council of PTAs (CCPTA) partnered with Arlington’s PTAs to establish the CCPTA-PTA Collaboration Initiative (CPCI) in 2015. The CPCI provides targeted financial grants to those Arlington public schools in need of funding to accomplish specific, limited goals that have not been funded by County or private sources.

The CCPTA fully supports the goal of Arlington Public Schools “to instill a love of learning in its students and prepare them to be responsible and productive global citizens,” as outlined in its current strategic plan. The CPCI specifically supports the goal to provide greater equality and equity in academic experiences and opportunities across schools by enabling those PTAs with sufficient funds to help those schools lacking financial resources. The CCPTA encourages collaboration among schools, particularly when those efforts reach and support more students than any one school could support individually.

Why do we need such a program in Arlington County? Unfortunately, significant economic and racial segregation continues to exist in our community and continues to create disparities across our County and our schools. Arlington PTAs spent around $2 million in the 2017-2018 school year, funds that were not spent equally across our schools. PTAs can have a significant impact either by exacerbating or by addressing funding inequities among our schools.

The goal of CPCI is to encourage equal access to academic experiences and opportunities. The fund has supported literacy initiatives, field trips, outdoor space initiatives, and sensory tools and flexible seating. APS students are 53% students of color, 30% economically disadvantaged, 18% English language learners, and 18% students with disabilities. While disparities are certainly an issue APS should be addressing, it is also an issue every PTA should be considering: how we serve our students, how we work to be inclusive, and how we advocate for equal access and equity in our school communities and at the County level.

If you are interested in making a donation to the CPCI grant fund, please submit our Donation Form (PDF). Donations are accepted anytime.

If you are interested in applying for a CPCI grant, please refer to the Guidelines linked below and complete the Grant Application Form. Applications can be emailed to the CPCI Committee and are evaluated and awarded twice annually or as the budget allows. The primary grant period deadline is the November CCPTA meeting date.

Grant Documents:
CPCI Guidelines Revised 10-18-19
CPCI Application Form (Excel)
Online Reimbursement Form (NEW!)

Past Grants Awarded:
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Impact Reporting:
CPCI Grant Fund Summary Presentation December 2019
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CPCI Impact Reports June 2019