CCPTA-PTA Collaboration Initiative (CPCI)

The CCPTA fully supports the goal of Arlington Public Schools “to instill a love of learning in its students and prepare them to be responsible and productive global citizens,” as outlined in its current strategic plan. The CPCI specifically supports the goal to provide greater equality and equity in academic experiences and opportunities across schools by enabling those PTAs with sufficient funds to help those schools lacking financial resources. The CCPTA encourages collaboration among schools, particularly when those efforts reach and support more disadvantaged students than any one school could support individually.

Grant Documents:

ACCPTA CPCI Financial Report CPCI

CPCI Guidelines Draft Revised 12-18-17

CCPTA-PTA Collaboration Initiative (CPCI) Request Form

Past Grants Awarded:

Summary of CPCI Grant Requests December 2017

Summary of Four Grant Requests March 2017

Summary of Six Grant Requests December 10 2016