May 2020 Meeting Minutes

DATE:  Monday, May 18, 2020
PLACE:  wherever you happen to be on Zoom from 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Next CCPTA meeting: Monday, June 8, 2020  7 – 9 pm OFFICER TRAINING

7:00 PM: Open Meeting

  • Welcome and Attendance

 7:05 APS updates

  • Cintia Johnson, Acting Superintendent (see slides)
    • Introduction of newly appointed Superintendent Dr. Francisco Duran
    • Acting Superintendent’s update
      • Bridget Loft, Asst Supt Teaching and Learning
        • Proposal to end school year early, on Friday, June 12, which will be voted upon this Thursday, May 21, at the School Board meeting.
        • Summer school and start of year planning
      • Raj Admusumilli, Asst. Supt Information Services
        • Data from distance learning
      • Arron Gregory, CDEIO
        • 30-60-90 day plan highlights
          • As part of the entry plan, wants to learn from parents.
          • @apsequity is Twitter account
          • Also, engaging with teachers through virtual office hours
          • How do we define equity? What does that look like for APS?
        • Q&A
          • What did you do at the school level in Ohio that might apply to APS?
            • In-source mental health providers; supervised all of them and created plans for mental health supports and services.
            • Established areas within schools known as sensory rooms for students to use as a foundation for support.
          • Have your job responsibilities been codified?
            • Will work with the incoming Superintendent to define those responsibilities.
          • School Board liaison – Reid Goldstein
            • Survey for boundary process is open until June 5; Staff is doing a planning unit-level review.
            • Q: is there any delay of opening new facilities and the re-shuffling of schools?
              • Right now, there is no delay, but there is some question about the effects of COVID-19 on construction costs, which may impact the opening of the Reed School, which would in turn affect boundaries.
            • County Board liaison – Libby Garvey, Chair
              • Focus on the County is on health, then turned to food and housing. Thank you to CCPTA and APS for helping fill in the gaps regarding food insecurities.
              • We are awarding a number of grants for businesses.
              • County is working on establishing internet connections with families who need it through Comcast internet essentials—a $500k grant for families.
              • Our focus on CIP is what needs to be finished up in terms of new facilities.
              • We hope to provide face coverings for all County residents once Arlington does its Phase 1 opening.


  • Action item: motion to approve April minutes; seconded; motion passed.
  • Adoption of bylaws amendment: motion to approve bylaws amendment; seconded; motion passed.
  • Officer elections
    • Call for nominations from the floor
    • Procedure – voice vote
    • Motion made to vote in incoming officers; seconded; motion passed.

 President:  Emily Vincent
First Vice President:  Mary Kadera
Second Vice President:  Claire Noakes
Third Vice President:  Katherine Novello
Secretary:  Michael O’Leary
Treasurer:  Kendra Anderson

  • Treasurer’s report – Kendra Anderson
    • CCPTA Zoom account
  • Reminders
    • Use Engage page for feedback and comments
    • Boundary review process underway – planning units survey available
    • Virtual officer training in June
  • Policy review updates – Claire Noakes
    • APS has unveiled a policy review website. We would like to use a more interactive method to solicit comments and feedback for APS.
    • Website notes new policies.
    • We’re going to try to set up a process to solicit comments and feedback. If you see something coming up on the website and have feedback or questions, please reach out.
  • Emily Vincent—explanation of CCPTA Partnership efforts, with Maurine Fanguy and Dena Porter.