January 2020 Meeting Minutes

DATE:  Monday, January 13, 2019
PLACE:  Syphax Room #256
TIME:  7:00 – 9:00 PM

– Reflections awards ceremony Tue Jan 21 6:30 -9 PM (W-L)
– Next CCPTA meeting: Monday, February 10, 2020  7 – 9 pm
– Summer Activities Fair Friday, Feb 7th 6 – 8 PM (Kenmore MS)
– We need volunteers for the Nominating Committee; please e-mail Maura at ccpta.arlington.pres@gmail.com
– Mark your calendars:  Challenging Racism, Feb. 3.  Dinner will be provided, but please bring a drink.  If you plan to attend, please e-mail Maura at ccpta.arlington.pres@gmail.com

7:00 PM:  Open Meeting

  • Welcome

 (7:05) APS updates

  • Acting Superintendent’s update – Cintia Johnson (Presentation and follow up regarding question about technology access for families)
  • School Board member – Monique O’Grady
    • Keep an eye out regarding the Superintendent search. Will be doing a lot of engagement.  Will be holding community forums for people to participate in (Jan. 22 and 25)
    • Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Aaron Gregory
    • Budget will be shared by Cintia Johnson at upcoming School Board meeting, Feb. 27
      • Likely a budget deficit.
    • Elementary Planning—public hearing on Jan. 3, with a vote on Feb. 6.
    • Question about elimination of summer enrichment classes—unfortunately, this is a result of budget constraints, but Staff wants to be able to help students who fall behind and meet budget constraints.
      • Ms. Johnson added that hiring teachers is difficult right now, and the enrichment program presented a challenge in that regard.
      • Staff is working with Arlington Parks & Recreation and Arlington Library to present options to families.
    • Question about the communication about the elimination of summer enrichment—Ms. Johnson said that information will go out this week. Information was originally communicated in a School Talk message.
  • County Board member – TBD
  • Your Voice Matters survey – Michael Frickel, Asst. Research Director (Presentation, Flyer)
    • Survey e-mailed today to families. The survey will also be sent via mail and is available in multiple languages.
    • Closing date is 2/28.
  • Superintendent Search meetings (Flyer)

 (7:45)  Action items

  • Approval of December minutes

(7:46)  Business items and updates

  • Call for nomination committee
    • All positions are up
    • Slate ready in April, vote in May
    • If you’re interested in the Nominating Committee, please e-mail Maura, ccpta.arlington.pres@gmail.com. We need three volunteers.  Please consider volunteering.
  • Challenging Racism – Feb. 3, with backup/snow date of Mar. 2
    • Electronic sign-up MUST RSVP at https://forms.gle/z8nQZCq8yg3yPPj86
  • Committee reports or updates
    • See Treasurer Report
      • Budget line item (Family Engagement) was revised from $250 to $2000 upon motion and voice vote for the Challenging Racism presentation.
    • Tara Teaford is recruiting for a new Safety Committee chair and additional representatives for the Committee. E-mail us if you are interested in either serving as chair or a representative.
    • CPCI—application period shifted. Feb 10 is the next application deadline, with decisions announced Mar. 16.  Application is available on the website.
    • Reflections Ceremony Jan. 21, 6:30-9 p.m. at W-L. If you are able to volunteer, please let us know.
    • We’re also looking for a volunteer/point of contact for the Summer Activities Fair. Please let us know if you are interested.
    • BLPC update—this month, discussed design phase.

(8:00) Presentation and discussion

  • Elementary school planning proposal—Lisa Stengle, Director of Planning and Evaluation
    • The recommendation addresses long-term challenges for our school division.
    • There were errors in the past boundary process, so this summer, we met with APS instructional leaders.
    • Just updated projections—and the previous kindergarten projections were high.
    • But, we do not have capacity where we need it. ASFS is overcrowded and exists outside of its boundary.
    • We have an area of potential growth in Rosslyn that will need a school.
    • Area on Western End of Columbia Pike will also need expansion of its schools.
    • And, there are students who have very long bus rides.
    • APS took demographics into account in the process in several ways (slide number 10; see handout, attached).
    • Q&A regarding proposal.