December 2019 Meeting Minutes

DATE: Monday, December 9, 2019
PLACE: Syphax Room #256
TIME: 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Next CCPTA meeting: Monday, January 13, 2020 7 – 9 pm
– Elementary School proposals and boundary process
– Your Voice Matters survey Budget
– Please send updated contact information to VA PTA—àSee written updates/committee reports (attached).

7:00 PM: Open Meeting

  • Welcome

 Action items

  • Approval of November minutes—approved by voice vote.
  • Discussion of November Budget Items, Kendra
    • Received a one-time donation that will likely go towards the CCPI grants. It’s marked as an “undesignated donation” on the budget.
    • We have almost $13,500 in the bank currently, plus the one-time donation.
    • Approved by voice vote.
  • Lauren Hassel – Safe Routes to School Coordinator
    • Every year, the mid-year event is the 2019-20 Outstanding Crossing Guard event—in Feb. 2020. Only facts, photograph, and short essay are needed for the application, due Jan. 24
    • Police dept. hires crossing guards. There has been one year worth of searching for replacement guards; they are in need of applications.
  • Introductions
  • CPCI grant awards recommendations and approval, Emily
    • Applications increased—schools and PTAs are aware of the potential funding.
    • Donations have been stable. Aligns directly with the PTA mission to ensure the well-being of our students and to address county-wide student well-being and equity amongst schools.
    • 16 of the schools/programs that have applied have received one grant.
    • 20 applications for $38k were received this fall: 9 funded for a total of approx. $12k.
    • Most common funding requests—literacy and books; flexible seating; outdoor seating initiatives. CCPTA will continue to advocate regarding inequities in these categories.
    • 5 schools have been donors and have been recipients—all Title I schools.
    • If PTAs donated just 1% of their budget, we would have approx. $20k/year.
    • Recommendations–Propose changing the grant committee name; improve grant levels; increase focus on gathering impact data; request that PTAs prioritize giving to increase equity/and set expectations for giving at the school that a portion of the budget will be donated to CCPTA grants.
    • Interim Superintendent asked what the CCPTA is using to define “equity.” Maura responded that we don’t have a definition, but Emily suggested that there is a common definition utilized by the committee. Cintia suggested that CCPTA use the definition noted in the APS Strategic Plan.
    • Second round applications—due this Spring.


  • Matt DeFerranti – County Board member
    • Likely no assessment increase, but needs to be evaluated in the context of expected revenue.
  • Cintia Johnson – Acting Superintendent
  • Barbara Kanninen – School Board member
    • Will announce search firm for Superintendent search shortly.
    • Recap of the Joint school Board/County Board Work Session—there will be updated numbers from the County demographer re: anticipated live births.

Business items and updates (8:15)

  • Challenging Racism – possible dates in February; vote of the group indicated 2/3 as the best date for those present.
  • Please send updated contact information to VA PTA—
  • See written updates/committee reports.
  • January CCPTA meeting will be dedicated to discussing the APS staff proposal to move schools.


  • Tabled discussion topics
    • Equity Policy discussion
    • Chief Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Officer discussion
    • SRO MOU discussion
  • Other