May 2019 Meeting Minutes

DATE:  Monday, May 20, 2019
PLACE:  Syphax Room #256
TIME:  7:00 – 9:00 PM

Attendance – Stafford, Jamestown, Carlin Springs, Jefferson, Tuckahoe, Hamm, Yorktown, Ashlawn, Arlington Science Focus, Key, Taylor, Randolph, SEPTA, Wakefield

  • Welcome – Please sign the attendance sheet!
    • Next meeting in June will be our annual training meetings. Please encourage your incoming (both old and new) presidents, vice presidents, treasurers, etc  to attend so we can share knowledge and aid in transitions
    • June 3rd 6:30-9 at the Syphax Center, Room 256
    • Debbie Kilpatrick will be here
  • Feedback about this past year / Meeting days next year? (2 mins.)


  • School Safety Committee- Tara Teaford
    • School Safety Forum tomorrow 7-9 @ TJMS (2 mins)
      • APS Emergency manager will be discussing whether the schools are teaching to be “heroes” or not
      • Captain Wayne Vincent.
      • Be Smart Presentation – MOMS Demand Action
      • Zachery Pope is applying for a DOJ SVPP Grant for $500,000
      • An endorsement letter is available to be previewed- being passed around the meeting. Vote to be held later on whether or not the CCPTA will be endorsing the letter
    • CCPTA co-sponsor Wear Orange event on Jun 7th
  • VA PTA Position statement: Advancing Equity & Diversity (5 – 10 mins)
  • CCPTA Partnership Program
    • Not a committee but a working group
    • Help newly formed PTA getting starter
    • Bringing together a large community not just our schools
    • Sharing resources- not just money, but knowledge and experience

 Introductions/Updates/Reports:  (5-10 mins)

  • FAC
    • Need more people on the committee
    • Amending zoning code to add more relocatables to our schools
  • School Board liaison – Reid Goldstein
    • Budget Deficit is closed by using reserves
    • Lot of advocacy by the “Big 5- outdoor lab, TJ, tuition, crew, library assistance,  and equity and excellence
      • Did not take any reductions in this areas
    • Put new initiatives into budget so we can continue looking forward in a growing community/school system
  • County Board liaison – Katie Cristol
    • Legislative agenda (for state) in November
    • Child care initiative
      • Stakeholder group
      • Problem with enough childcare and it being cost effective
      • 50% gap in undersupply of child care providers
      • Board took code changes in March – reducing parking requirements, streamline permit requirements, align with local ordinates with state
      • Looking at ways to help lower income families with non traditional ways to incorporate child care
  • Public spaces master plan- ie parks, playground- search parks public spaces master plan
    • Four years of community engagement.
    • New focus on casual use spaces – more intentional use
    • More focus on joint use spaces
  • Superintendent Dr. Pat Murphy (slides)
    • Out in schools in past week- testing in schools – next 2-3 weeks will be testing SOLs- positive reviews
    • Time of year with a lot of celebration. The message to our students is to be  safety minded  and to make good decisions
    • Update on construction The Heights and Fleet are on schedule, henry and drew on schedule for refreshes, hamm still suffering late fall for addition-

APS Presentations:

  • Tara Nattrass – Asst. Supt. Teaching and Learning (30 mins)
    • 1:1 technology update
      • Phase 1 of two part piece
      • Three key things- student device use, implantation barriers and supports, student outcome and impact
    • pre-K – 12 Pathways
      • Questionnaire on IPP
        • what makes a choice “option” school different from neighborhood schools
        • what should those options be- should we be changing those or expanding those
      • Presenting on June 11
  • Daryl Johnson – Communications Coord., Family Engagement & Public Info (15 mins)
    • First day packets will be on line this coming school year. Linked to ParentVue
      • PTA Directory- have to opt-in for it. More efficient this coming year.    It will be a drop down menu with yes being prompted
    • Online verification process
    • New extended day registration process
  • Kathy Ashby – School Community Relations
    • Volunteers and partnerships policy
      • See handout
      • Email her with suggestions by Monday
      • What has changed- two policies combined into 1

 CCPTA Business:  (15-20 mins)

  • Approval of minutes
    • September 2018 minutes- approved
    • October 2018- approved
    • November 2018- approved
    • December 2018- approved
    • January 2019- approved
    • February 2019- approved
    • March 2019 – approved
    • April 2019- approved
  • Secretary position- appointment by committee- not a vote. It is a for a one year term
  • Treasure report – Motion to edit the budget and add special appreciation flowers
  • SEPTA – Janna Dressel
    • Walter Reed Community Center June 15 12-2, please RSVP
  • June ‘training’ session
  • VP and Committee reports
    • Treasurer’s report – Kendra Anderson
    • CPCI – Emily Vincent
    • Communications – Emily Vincent
    • Special Projects – Don Weinstein
      • Retired Teacher Scholarship reception for 21 graduating seniors – CCPTA is a sponsor
    • Safety committee– Tara Teaford – see above
      • Would like for all schools have a safety liaison for next year.
      • Motion to approve the grant endorsement letter- motion passed with one abstention

On the horizon:
Jun 3: CCPTA PTA leadership workshop  6:30 -9:00 p.m. Syphax Rm 256
May 29:  SB work session 1:1 technology- here at 6:30
Jun 7: Wear Orange event
June 11: Pre K-12 Instructional Program Pathway