April 2019 Meeting Minutes

DATE:  Monday, April 29, 2019
PLACE:  Syphax Room #256
TIME:  7:00 – 9:00 PM

Attendance: Ashlawn, Kenmore, Statford, Science Focus, Tuckahoe, Hoffman-Boston, Taylor, Washington-Lee, Key, Jefferson, Randolph, Carlin Springs, Wakefield, JamestownCCPTA President, CCPTA Communications, CCPTA Treasure, CCPTA SecretaryArlington County Board- Christian Dorsey,  School Board- Tannia Talento


  • Welcome and attendance (please sign-in and grab your name tent!)
  • School Board liaison: Tannia Talento –
    • Working with budget led to changes in calendar. Work Session- May 2 at 7 pm- go over compensation packet. Budget fully funded.  Public Hearing May 7 at 6 pm.   Adopt budget on May 9.  Continue the conversation.
    • May 29 work session will be on 1 to 1 technology.
    • Organizational meeting in July 1 at 9 am.
    • May 7 and May 9 – sign up to speak at board meeting about policies.
    • Working on adding an ENGAGE page to their website
    • PIPs are plans and how we act on policies we do not vote on them
  • CCPTA announcements
    • Scholarship reception 5/15 – https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0a4daea92aaafa7-acsfft1 Don W is point person on the reception. Twenty-one students will be awarded scholarships.  This is a joint CCPTA and Retired Teachers association endeavor.  Reception in this room, 256.
    • 101 training 6/3 in place of regular meeting v. Saturday morning- scheduled in place of regular Monday evening
    • I steam event. See below under SEPTA
    • National PTA proposed dues increase survey- survey put out by district. Title 1 schools nervous about increase due to resources etc.
    • School Board accepting applications for ACI, BAC, and FAC
    • School boundary process feedback submitted- before spring break.
    • Partnerships and collaborations initiative meeting 5/6 at 7:45- officially getting started – discuss vision and how we are going to do it
  • Treasurer’s report – see handout- .21 cents of interest, spent $471 .09
    • SEPTA Awards
      • Recognition of Excellence
      • May 6 at 7 pm at Washington and Lee High School
    • I STEAM
      • In partnership with Fairfax County SEPTA and Arlington County SEPTA, please join us for our inaugural iSTEAM event for our students with disabilities and their families throughout NOVA District area.
      • We will offer interactive activities and provide exhibitors and information about opportunities to benefit our special education community members.
      • Saturday, May 18th from 1-3 p.m., Cafeteria of Luther Jackson Middle School, Falls Church. Light Refreshments will be served. Event is free, please RSVP for planning purposes.
  • Superintendent’s update – Cintia Johnson – CCPTA Pres April 2019 PKM
    • Elementary options- April 23, preK- April 24 notified by May 1
    • Summer school registration is on – May 3 deadline to register Deadline for high school new work of credit course
    • Instructional pathway- prek- 12
      • Kenmore – community engagement on April 30
    • June school board monitoring report
  • APS Transportation presentation – Kristin Haldeman- Director of Multimodal Transportation Planning
    • Bus transportation and review process
    • How the bus system operates
      • 189 vehicles (133 gen ed) and 56 (sped) and spares
      • 154 routes covering 407 trips to schools – general ed 309- specialized 98
      • (use most buses 2-3 times a day)
      • 149 drivers – short on bus drivers
      • 2,500 bus stops
    • Higher on neighborhood school/trips than on option school/trips
    • Ongoing challenges
      • Growing enrollment
      • Number of core trips and stops
      • Driver shortages
      • Bell schedules close together
      • Long routes and early pick ups
      • On time arrival
      • Specialized transportation service planning
      • Constrained budget limits fleet size
      • Limited by parking
    • Specialized Transportation services
    • Budget – want to use our budgets as efficiently as possible
    • Where to park the buses?
    • Opportunities for improvement
      • Stop consolidation
      • Route optimization
      • Adjusting bell schedules
      • Integration with transit
  • APS presentation: enrollment projections and data – Robert Ruiz, Lisa Stengle, Lionel White
    • Statistic projections link on their website – https://www.apsva.us/statistics/enrollment-projections/
    • Approach to get projections-
      • housing and birth forecast with county
      • Changes to options and transfers
      • Attendance zones – elementary and middle
      • Updated methodology that incorporates
      • New procedures- added five sections
      • Approach used for 2019-2028 enrollment projections
      • Questions- email Engage (engage at aps dot us) with the subject “projections”

 CCPTA Business (8 – 9 pm)

  • Approval of past minutes
    • In May we will approve all minutes and budgets from the past year.
  • CPCI grant awards – Emily Vincent
    • Received 41 donations, $37,290, 46 grant request $78,114. Funded 30 requests at $36,003.
  • FAC recommendations to SB/CB re long-term planning –tabled discussion, tabled again

On the horizon :
CCPTA meeting Mon May 20: K-12 Instructional Pathways
School Board work sessions: 5/2 if needed – budget; 5/7 public hearing – budget; 5/29 1:1 technology study; 6/11 FLES