March 2019 Meeting Minutes

DATE:  Monday, March 25, 2019
PLACE:  Syphax Room #256
TIME:  7:00 – 9:00 PM

Action Items
– We have to have a Reflections Chair.  Please reach out to your school chair and see if they would be interested in stepping up as the county chair.
– If you have new PTA members please remember to send in payment to the VA PTA as well as to the CCPTA    

Attendance:  Campbell, Drew, Arlington Science Focus, Stratford Program, Dorothy Hamm, Williamsburg, Ashlawn, Yorktown, Jefferson, Randolph, Discovery, Key, Arlington Community High School,  Kenmore, Jamestown, BAC, Tuckahoe, Claremont, Hoffman-Boston, School Safety, SEPTA, CCPTA Treasure, CCPTA Secretary, CCPTA President, CCPTA VP Communication, CCPTA VP Special Projects, CCPTA Treasurer, CCPTA VP, Nancy Van Doren- School Board.   Libby Garvey- County Board


  • Welcome and attendance
  • APYF/APS presentation: “Your Voice Matters” survey (7:10 – 7:30)
    • The APYF is a 20 years old joint task force that combines community members with school staff. It also invites the police, park and recs among others  to gather in order support children, youth and families in Arlington
    • The partnership uses the data gathered to advocate to school board and county board
    • The “Your Voice Matters” survey came about in order to streamline the process
    • Survey results are on the website- org
      • When viewing the survey you can see variety of ways to access the information- can look at your school results and school levels
      • Respondent groups- students, families, staff – big pic covers safety, health and wellbeing, support for students and families (external supports) , student and family engagement, voice (feeling valued, support and heard) staff engagement, leadership, professional learning
    • Scope of refinement- Want to hear feedback on how people are using the survey question does the survey question hit the mark?
    • Talking to a number of stakeholder groups
    • Targeted Feedback- family response rates,
    • Online feedback form
  • Other liaison reports/updates (7:30 – 7:35)
    • ACI – The ACI March meeting was spent learning about and compiling input on the budget, which will be presented at the April 2 budget work session.  April and May agendas include reports from our committees in their non-recommending year, and updates and work on the 1 to 1 device study and PreK-12 Instructional Program Pathways.
      In June we hope to talk briefly about standards based grading and then do some work on wrapping up the ACI year and processes and procedures for next year.
      As PTAs elect new officers and fill volunteer slots, please remember to appoint an ACI representative (for elementary)  and 2 ACI reps (for secondary) by June if possible. The first ACI meeting of 2019-20 will be in very early September. Remember, ACI reps are limited to a term of two consecutive years for your school, so you may need to find new folks if your rep(s) have maxed out their term.  Additionally, almost all ACI subject-matter committees have room for new members. We especially want to encourage elementary school parents to get involved.
    • BAC – Budget Advisory Council- Cecilia – 15 people appointed by the school board
      • They are focusing on tier 2 cuts and looking at tier 3 cuts we can make anyway
      • Highlight that within the cuts there are specific line items that you should be looking at – solutions look to the PTA- four of them that specifically look at the PTA
      • These issues need to be addressed by the PTA – needs to be addressed within the equity issues across the PTA
    • FAC – not in attendance but see below for a tabled proposal
  • Superintendent’s update – Dr. Patrick Murphy (7:35 – 8:00)
    • 2019-2020 proposed budget
    • Pre-K-12 pathways – see handout
    • We are continuing to grow – projected to grow by 1000 for next year – we needed to add 8 million to our budget to cover regular enrollment growth.
    • Tiers
      • Tier 1 – cuts that are already proposed to board- 10 billion dollar.  Board take tier 1 cuts- class size increases- (last year delayed)
      • Tier 3- if the county managers proposed budget doesn’t move though and we don’t get 1 cent- we will have look at tier 3 budget. These cuts will be incurred if the event that the county managers doesn’t move through.
      • Talking now about tier 2 reductions- need to be an advocate to accept the budget and not incur the tier 2 cuts
    • Question on the per pupil spending in the county. The current numbers being floated (about $20,000 per student) is  based on proposed budget being fully funded.
    • The following items are what cause the high number of per pupil spending
      • Low class size
      • Highly experienced and educated teachers- 10 years’ experience and a master degree
      • Overlay staffing- variety of positions at school that support education – resource teachers, math coaches, etc
  • Nancy Van Doren- school board- April 11 will take action on proposed budget. Waiting for numbers from County Board- can’t do anything until we get the numbers from them.
    • Nancy speaking as one person and not as the board as a whole- best budget that we have ever been given. We know that we are growing- we are just keeping pace with the growth.  She thinks Dr. Murphy provided a good and responsible budget.   We should ask for the funding for the proposed gap.   We are in a growth mood and we need a base budget to it handle it
  • Libby Garvey- County Board – We are in a good place with the budget. Commercial vacancy rate is better.  Manager set a 1.5% tax rate and they advertised 2.7% rate.   We may be able to get a 2% rate.

CCPTA Business (8 – 9 pm)

  • CSQ box reminder/Announcements
    • PTAs donating to PTAs
      • A lot of the questions coming here as we are getting a lot of different info from APS. PTAs can donate to PTAs.
    • PTAs identified members for Pathways engagement
    • 2020 Census Committee would like someone from CCPTA – year commitment. Deadline if by April 1 – see handout
    • Extended Day – new procedures see handout
    • Spring Fundraiser- please remember be advocates and to be inclusive
    • Diversity Report- if you are ever interviewed or questioned- do not represent your PTA or the CCPTA – make sure to clarify with the interview who they think you are represent
  • Reports
    • Reflections – CHAIR NEEDED FOR AUGUST START- one of the mandates from the state PTA is that we have to put on a reflection contest.
    • Scholarship Fund for Teachers – Don Weinstein
      • Providing scholarships for students entering the field of educationRecord # of applications this year exceeds the # of scholarships able to offer. Currently have $25,000 in donations and 25 applications.  Scholarships have historically been $1500 each.  More donations are greatly appreciated.  A donation of any amount is welcome. We will interview candidates the first week of April.  Donations received by then will be awarded in May!  For more information, please go to our website: or email us at
    • Treasurer’s report – Kendra Anderson
      • Month of February, $8700 from summer activities fair.  Will exceed our budget number
      • Paid out our CPCI grants
      • Reflection used all their monies
      • Outstanding check for Arlington county scholarship people
      • Looking good for where we are
      • If you had any new members join since you sent in your initial payment, you will need to send out a new check to CCPTA and the VA PTA
    • CPCI – Emily Vincent
      • A whole bunch of application came in
      • Deadline is today and before our next meeting decision will come out
    •  Communications
      • Remember to check out the flier section of the website
    • Safety Committee – Tara Teaford
      • Initial meeting and it has 8 people strong
      • Elementary heavy and 1 from high school and none from middle school
    • SEPTA – Janna Dressel
      • Please consider donating to SEPTA
      • Proposed budget is on their website
      • This Saturday – Intelligence Lives screening – APS is co-sponsoring
      • Monday April 1 is deadline for nominating people who go above and beyond in
  • PTA partnerships and Collaboration
    1. Need help – have not been able to complete the survey yet
    2. Volunteers to stand a committee
  • Support for FAC recommendations to SB/CB re long-term planning – Tabled until next month
    • FAC Planning Recommendation to the School Board (excerpt):
      …(APS) need(s) to ensure that we have sufficient planning processes in place so that we are prepared for growth and are in the best possible position to manage and successfully respond to any growth scenario that ultimately occurs.  The current APS planning tool, the Arlington School Facilities and Student Accommodation Plan (AFSAP), has been a valuable tool for our school division for identifying needs for the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) the following year.

      We see the need to further develop the AFSAP to:
      1. Include a longer-range vision within this plan,
      2. Integrate elements of existing APS and County plans from the Department of Teaching and Learning, Transportation and the County and APS Strategic Plans
      3. Create a plan that more closely aligns with County planning processes so that APS needs can more easily be understood and met by the County.
      4. Refine some elements to better define current conditions

      … recommend that the School Board initiate exploring the expansion and enhancement of the current APS facilities planning tool, the AFSAP, to include new elements and improve upon existing processes so that our short-term and long-term needs and vision for our future as a school system are more clearly defined, and in a way that more closely aligns with County planning processes. Understanding that the 2019 AFSAP Report will inform the work of the 2020 CIP and is due this June we recommend that this year’s report be seen as a first iteration, identifying elements that should be included or reviewed with the goal of creating a completed comprehensive planning document for the 2021 AFSAP.

  • Advocacy regarding Superintendent’s proposed budget?
    • Maura will send a resolution on behalf of the Board
    • PTAs can send their own if they feel the need to
  • School boundary process feedback/recommendations for consideration
    • Maura will send a formal resolution on behalf of the CCPTA

On the horizon :
CCPTA meeting Mon April 29: Transportation (Kristin Haldeman –APS), enrollment projections and related factors
School Board work sessions: Apr 2 and 9 – Budget; Apr 12 – joint Board budget (4-6:30 County Board room); 5/29 1:1 Study