February 2019 Meeting Minutes

DATE:  Monday, February 25, 2019
PLACE:  Syphax Room #256
TIME:  7:00 – 9:00 PM

ACTION ITEMS- The deadline for application for CPCI grants is midnight, 3/25, to be considered for this round of funding.  


  • Welcome and attendance
  • School Board update and Q&A – Nancy Van Doren (Reid Goldstein was unable to attend due to conflict; Ms. Van Doren represented the School Board in his absence)
    • Thank you for your thoughtful School Board Appreciation gifts
    • We are working on the budget to address the funding gap, requesting the County Board adopt the advertised 2.75 ceiling tax rate increase
    • Our budget will be responsible to the kids while being prudent in asking for an appropriate amount from tax payers
    • When we know the exact amount of the shortfall, we will know what we have to work with and what might need to be cut; we welcome your advocacy now
    • Working on the Pre-K-12 Instructional Pathways
    • Working on the Equity and Inclusion and Transgender policy updates; we have a work session tomorrow evening
    • Hopefully these conversations will guide us to where we are going over the next generation; make your voices heard now
      • Q: Can you talk a bit more about the budget? A: The County Board sets the tax rate; they are considering raising the revenue by raising the rate and could potentially meet our funding gap; they said they were potentially allocating 2 cents of the increase to schools, so we have to go in and advocate for what we need and demonstrate that need with our budget. We’re growing by at least 1,000 students a year and opening five new schools. A flat budget means every kid gets less. We’re just trying to ask responsibly for the budget we need.
      • Q: What’s the timeline for when the School Board share the budget with the County Board? A: Dr. Murphy will address this question in his update
  • Superintendent’s update – Dr. Patrick Murphy (7:20 -7:30)
    • VPI Night was reschedule to 2/27, due to snow
    • It’s National School Breakfast week March 4th-8th
    • Congratulations to Jefferson and Gunston Middle Schools for their RAMP Counselling Teams, which were recognized by ASCA
    • Secondary School course selections are now underway; we encourage students to stretch or challenge themselves; parents can make a recommendation and supersede school counselor recommendation if they feel it’s necessary; we want all kids to feel academically challenged
    • We’d like to congratulate all of our student scholar athletes engaged in Winter Athletics
    • Celebrating Black History Month; please take a look at our Models of Excellence video here: https://www.apsva.us/post/models-of-excellence-2/
    • FY 2020 APS Budget Timeline:
        • February 23 – County Board Sets the Real Estate Tax Rate
        • February 28 – Budget Work Session #1
        • March 12 – Budget Work Session #2
        • March 19 – Budget Work Session #3
        • March 26 – Budget Work Session #4
        • March 28 – Public Hearing on Superintendent’s Proposed Budget
        • April 2 – Budget Work Session #5 (6:30 p.m.)
        • April 2 – County Public Budget HearingCounty Board Room, 7:00 p.m.
        • April 4 – County Public Tax Rate(s) HearingCounty Board Room, 7:00 p.m.
        • April 9 – Budget Work Session #6
        • April 11 – School Board’s Proposed FY 2020 Budget (Action)
        • April 12 – School Board’s Presentation to the County BoardCounty Board Room, 4:00 p.m.
        • May 2 – Public Hearing on School Board’s Proposed Budget
        • May 9 – School Board Adopts FY 2020 Budget
    • My budget will include efficiencies and some cuts
  • Update on upcoming community engagement – Gladis Bourdouane
    • Bus Transportation service review process beginning; for an overview and to learn more about the goals of the process, go to the APS website, here: https://www.apsva.us/transportation-review/
    • Engagement opportunities will be coming in late March/early April; please visit the website for dates and times
    • Online transportation survey is available here: https://survey.k12insight.com/r/DPpFRb
    • Q: How did we notify families about the latest boundary changes? A: Letters were sent on ¼ to students eligible for grandfathering (bilingual); letters sent to Cody families on re. their specific circumstances on 1/17; letters to Key/Claremont families about changes in feeder patterns were sent; letters sent on 1.27 notified families in reassigned planning units and their transition. Also, all this information was made available through the Engage webpage, APS Ambassadors, School Talk Messages from individual Principals, and answers provided to those who reached out via the Engage email questions with questions.
  • Notifying families in future boundary processes:
    • Notification plans and timelines
    • Bilingual liaisons; bilingual letters to families
    • Questions/concerns sent to engage@apsva.us
    • Q: Do you contact families in languages other than English and Spanish? A: Yes, we are able to contact families in any language they speak at home.
    • Q: How would transportation policies interact with budget processes? A: To give context and for you to provide advocacy, we are not cutting per se, but need to revamp how we address transportation because we can’t keep doing what we’ve been doing as we continue to grow. Please consider what may need to change (fewer stops, may need to travel further to a stop). Budget comes out first, so there won’t be radical and immediate changes.
  • Pre-K-12 Instructional Pathways community meeting will be held on 3/21 from 7-9pm; each school should have a designated representative
  • Other liaison reports/updates (7:30 – 7:40)
    • ACI: We are having our School Board work session on this year’s committee recommendations on 1/29 and 1/31, 7-9 pm. Its open to the public so feel free to attend or watch online to learn about ACI’s work so far this year.
    • BAC: We are preparing for the budget crunch and extra meeting load in March. See county’s budget presentation indicating a smaller deficit due to unanticipated higher revenues, though we will still need cuts to APS: https://budget/arlingtva.us/fy-2019-budget-information/
    • FAC: We presented our recommendation to the School Board at last Thursday’s meeting; recommended that the SB initiate exploring the expansion and enhancement of the APS facilities planning tool, the AFSAP, to include new elements and improve upon existing processes so that our short-term and long-term needs and vision for our future are more clearly defined, and in a way that more closely aligns with County planning processes. The 2019 AFSAP report will inform the 2020 CIP and is due this June; we recommend that this year’s report be seen as a first iteration, identifying elements that should be included or reviewed with the goal of creating a comprehensive planning document for the 2021 AFSAP.
  • APS capital projects and maintenance presentation
    • Jeffrey Chambers, Director of Construction and Maintenance:
      • Gave construction projects status updates: Fleet, Hamm, The Heights Building, Drew Refresh, Henry Refresh all on time for occupancy in Sep 2019, however Hamm MS addition will not be fully operational in Sep; Hamm students will be housed in the existing building until Oct or Nov as construction continues
      • Other projects underway: ES at Reed site for 2021, ED Center 600 HS seats for 2021, additional seats at the Career Center
      • Monthly updates available online at: https://www.apsva.us/design-and-construction/
    • Jim Meikle, Director of Maintenance
      • Gave minor construction, major maintenance presentation
      • Q: Are bottle fillers installed in all schools? A: We’re getting there and are close to completing this update.
      • Q: Are most schools getting what they need? A: Yes, over time, we believe all schools are being addressed and getting needs met.
      • Q: DO you practice preventative maintenance rather than focusing solely on capital projects? A: Yes, we do this and are always looking to be proactive.

  CCPTA Business (7:40 – 8 pm)

  • Welcome to our newest PTA, Hamm Middle School!
  • Reminder to make sure your PTA website link to our current page at: https://ccpta.apsva.us/
  • Transportation work session – Kristin Haldeman’s presentation is available online here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fk_y890JRGk&feature=youtu.be
  • County Board response to our request to attend meetings was positive; they plan to send reps in the future
  • VP and Committee reports
    • Treasurer’s report – Kendra Anderson
      • CPCI checks went out to the first round of recipients and should be arriving this week via mail
    • Reflections – April Maddox
      • Not able to attend, but send notice that Henry, Wakefield, and ASFA have unclaimed awards; reach out to her to collect them
    • District advocacy – Mahender Dudani
      • Attended VAPTA conference in Richmond; Debbie Killpatrick was defeated for President of VAPTA
      • Will scan and post some relevant information from the conference to the CCPTA site
    • CPCI – Emily Vincent
      • Applications are sue for next round of funding on 3/25; we’d love to see more applications to utilize our healthy budget
      • Email me with questions or guidance
      • We’d also like 1-2 more members on the awards panel. We only have two meeting per year when the grants are given, so it’s not a huge time commitment
      • CCPTA would also love help with Social Media to push out our information faster; reach out if you can help
    • SEPTA – Janna Dressel
      • SEPTA is hosting a Thank You Breakfast for Bus Drivers (March)
      • Screening of documentary “Intelligent Lives” will be on3/30 with a panel on inclusion to follow
      • Topic for our April meeting will be Growth Mindset, on 4/11 from 7-9 pm
      • SEPTA awards ceremony will be held on Monday, 5/6
      • Family Picnic will be held in June
    • Safety Committee – Tara Teaford
      • About half a dozen parents have joined the subcommittee and are discussing dates and times to meet with APS Emergency Manager, Zac Pope, to discuss how to collaborate and identify baseline safety standards, which is the first of three goals.
      • Still interested in additional members, so please keep the committee in your communications.

 Discussion (8 – 9 pm)

  • Digital device user agreements and student financial responsibility
    • Email any final comments to us
  • School boundary processes
    • Discussion ensued, email us any thoughts or concerns

On the horizon :
CCPTA meeting Mon Mar 25th:  Construction/maintenance presentation
School Board work sessions: 2/26 Diversity, 2/28 Budget #1
APS transportation policy/PIP update process – community engagement in March