January 2019 Meeting Minutes

DATE:  Monday, January 28, 2019

PLACE:  Syphax Room #256

TIME:  7:00 – 9:00 PM



  • Please go back to your PTAs and make sure your websites have correct link to the CCPTA on your website
  • The School Safety Committee would like to have a representative from each school.  Please contact Tara Teaford at tara.gvp.teaford@gmail.com 


  • Welcome and attendance
    • In attendance- Ashlawn, Jamestown, Key, Science Focus,  Hoffman-Boston, Stratford, Williamsburg, Jefferson, Washington-Lee, Drew, Henry, HB Woodlawn, Tuckahoe, Taylor
    • Safety Committee, FAC, SEPTA,
    • CCPTA Treasurer, CCPTA President, CCPTA VP, CCPTA Secretary,
  • Superintendent’s update – Cintia Johnson (7:20 -7:30)
    • Students’ rights awareness – APS plan update-
      • Empower students on knowing their rights when they have an interaction with the police
      • In order to make sure all students (and parents) have this information the handout will be in the first day packets for next year
      • Know Your Rights Canvas Course- all secondary students & staff will be enrolled.  A School Talk will be sent out to parents prior to the release of the course. The course will also allow us to push out periodic announcements/reminders to students.  Time will be provided for students to review course. This will likely happen February.
      • Document will be presented to high school students during their homerooms and middle school in their TA blocks
    • Screen Time on student iPads- Matt Smith
      • New iOS update includes a Screen Time feature that allows users to know how much time someone is spending on their devices.
      • As a pilot program screen time is currently installed on all student iPads. APS is currently testing the functionality of Screen Time to better understand how this feature may impact the use of the device for teaching, learning, and assessment.
      • Once the staff review and research has been completed APS plans to develop a comprehensive approach to Screen Time that will provide families with guidance about the various options available to them.
      • During this pilot phase APS is asking for no restrictions from parents to be placed on APS iPads.
    • 2nd School boundaries- Notifications for lottery schools sent by 2/5
      • Must accept or decline by 2/22
    • K and Elementary transfers and options will be April 15
    • May 4 – 60th anniversary of Stratford Jr. High
    • Celebrating African American history- February 20 at W&L High School from 6-8 pm.
    • Acknowledging counselors – Feb 4-8 – National School Counseling Week
  • School Board update and Q&A – Monique O’Grady (7:10-7:20)
    • We are growing a lot in elementary aged kids. Which will impact our CIP.  It is predicted that we will increase by 24% by 2020
    • For lottery schools waitlist are only maintained for 1 year.
    • Budget – Superintendent budget will be done at end of Feb. Right now, we have $43 million deficit.  Then he will pass it to the school board to see what can be done.
  • Other liaison reports/updates (7:30 – 7:40)
    • ACI – Meredith Purple- ACI is having its School Board Work Sessions on this year’s committee recommendations on January 29 and 31, 7-9pm. The work sessions are open to the public, so please feel free to attend or watch online to hear about ACI’s work so far this year.
    • BAC – Cecilia Ciepiela-Kaelin
    • FAC – Maurine Shields Fanguy

 CCPTA Business (7:40 – 8 pm)

  • CSQ box reminder
  • Need a new chair for Reflections for next year.
    • Please pick up anything from reflections from her
  • Please verify the website you have listed for the CCPTA on your school’s PTA webpage is correct.   Make sure it links to (newish) CCPTA website (https://ccpta.apsva.us)
  • VP and Committee reports
    • Treasurer’s report – Kendra Anderson
      • Membership dues and first rounds of donations for CPCI added almost 10K
      • We spent $1,000 on Reflections
      • Awarded $5,100 for CPCI – 2nd round will be due on March 25
      • School Board Appreciation in February
    • CPCI – Emily Vincent- March 25 for spring funding, grants on April 29
    • District advocacy – Mahender Dudani – no report
    • SEPTA – Janna Dressel
      • Summer activities fair Jan 27th- went very well with many people in attendance
      • Wednesday Feb 13 SEPTA meeting is Self Care for the Caregiver
    • Safety Committee – Tara Teaford- tara.gvp.teaford@gmail.com
      • Goal of having a school safety representative for all schools
      • All classrooms in APS should have doors with push button locks inside of their classrooms.

 Discussion (8 – 9 pm)

  1. Digital device user agreements and student financial responsibility
  • What is the threshold for negligence v. accidental? Is this something that can be standardized across the county?
  • APS should look at the depreciation of the device also.
  • What is the APS policy on recouping fees and when deciding what is willful negligence?
  1. School boundary processes
    • Any comments, thought, or ideas
  2. PTA partnerships and Collaboration
    • Oakridge and Hoffman-Boston- fundraiser and recruitment for Hoffman-Boston PTA
    • Survey about PTA leadership and how things are done to help establish a partnership
    • Question from Drew about Corporate sponsorships- have any schools sought sponsorships

  On the horizon:

  • Summer Activities Fair: February 8th  6 – 8 pm- Kenmore
  • CCPTA meeting Mon Feb 25th:  Construction/maintenance presentation
  • School Board work sessions: 2/12 K-12 instructional pathways; 2/19 Discipline and student code of conduct; 2/26 Diversity, 2/28 Budget #1
  • Math Advisory Committee:  The National Math Festival is Saturday May 4, 2019 at the Walter E Washington Convention Center.    www.nationalmathfestival.org