May Minutes


DATE & TIME:            Monday, 14 May 2018         7:00-9:00 P.M.

PLACE:                      Syphax Center 256

2. Update on CCPTA Transition/Officers being proposed for 2018-19

3.  NOVA District Annual Meeting Update – VA Teacher of the Year, Michelle Cottrell-Williams was keynote.              Will ask her to come to the June meeting and give a presentation.

4.  Planning for June 11 Meeting and new PTA officer training Please encourage your new officers to                         attend the June meeting.  Reception at the beginning and training at the end.

5.  Approve April CCPTA Meeting Minutes — minutes were approved

  • Presentation of Revised Slate of Proposed Officers (Vote to occur June CCPTA meeting)

President – Maura McMahon
Vice President – Katherine Novello
Secretary – Ana White
Treasurer – Kendra Anderson
Communications – Emily Vincent
Special Projects – Don Weinstein

  • Playworks DC Presentation and Discussion of Recess legislative changes in Virginia The VA Legislature changed the rule so that recess is now defined as instructional time.  This will allow for more recess time.   Kanya Shabazz is the program director for the Washington DC office and has been with Playworks for 11 years.  Playworks was designed so that all children have access to safe and healthy play.  It is now in 23 cities across the USA.  Jill, creator of Playworks, founded it 22 years ago in California.

Playworks is an evidence-based intervention program.  Schools using Playworks strategies have less bullying, more active recesses and students feel safer at school.  Negative recess interaction can negatively impact the rest of the day.  Social-emotional benefits of play are evident in many positive ways throughout the day.The main model of Playworks is to build the staff in proficiency in the program.  It is to have the schools take ownership of the program.  Playworks will create a partnership with the schools so that the schools can learn and then implement the model after training.

There are many different ways to work with Playworks.  The lowest form of engagement is professional training.  Training starts at $2500 and up.  There are also ways where a member of Playworks will come to your school and assist at recess.  The cost is based on who you want to work with Playworks.  There are also on-line resources, recess lab and recess checkup.  Playworks game guides are also available.

  • Discussion of possible CIP changes and Elementary Initiative — see School Board update below
  • Superintendent’s Update

Discovery Elementary was certified as the largest zero energy building to date
Two APS students have received national Reflection honors
Career Center- excel at State Skills USA Mental Health Awareness month – resource on webpage click on red cross
Arlington Teen Hangout – collaboration with Arlington County
Free Breakfast for students during SOL testing
Talk to kids about alcohol etc.- have a plan in place if decision or choice was made that wasn’t the best Action plan update – acceptable use for device, strategic plan, CIP
Student staff and families survey is out – closes on the 25th CIP- work session tomorrow night and on the 22nd  

  • School Board Update – Barbara Kanninen

 Three pieces of good news
-1.  celebrated teacher and support staff of the year,
2. Budget- passed, difficult year but turned out ok. County Board gave us enough one time funds to postpone class size increase.  Got psychologist and counselors.  Step increases for teachers,
3. Thursday will be taking action on acceptable use policy.  On paper we have a PIP on how the devices can be used.

Strategic Plan-  Meeting on Thursday. CIP work session tomorrow evening- first stage getting input and listening.  Getting on the table what we are looking at.  Doing this in conjunction with County Board.Elementary school boundaries
Q– Any proposals on paper to look at before the end of the school year?  For elementary school boundaries everything is on the table.  With the exception of people within the walk zones.    All boundaries are on the table.
Q- Will you be looking at projections while looking at boundaries? Yes. Boundary tool is not useful when looking at the entire county.Option schools and what will be an option school.  It makes more sense to change the boundaries and then decide on what will be the option schools.
Q– are the number of options schools staying the same?  There will be 5 option schools.  All option elementary schools have lost their neighborhood boundary.  They are all pure lottery.
Q – 600 seats at career center?  Doing CIP right now and that is one of the pieces that they are working on right now.  Number of seats is unclear at the moment for high school.  Moving up the date to 2021.  Seeing the ideas and seeing what will work and what won’t.  Will build high school seats no matter what, not sure where they will be.  Issue is a lot of seats to build, not enough money in the time we are doing it.  Two different scenarios to be discussed tomorrow nights.  Will be voting on the CIP on June 21.
Dr. Murphy- Factors needed in your thinking- his proposal- identify where needs are and what is the most conservative way to approach based on funds.  Creation of with it with a team of people.  Middle school is a possible way to do it.  Add 50 plus kids to each middle school if we have equal distribution.  Advocacy to push for a 4th high school.  Scenario A is 4th high school.  How do we use Career Center and Ed Center?  Scenario A and B exceed the debt capacity.  There will have to be some negotiation with the county on this as well.  Trying to get as much info out as possible.  Rationale is where are the seats needed?  High and elementary are where the needs are right now.  Career Center working group.
Q– what is the purpose of it at this point?  Money toward Career Center recommendation.  Nothing will be in CIP that is specific toward a particular thing.

  • New Business/Adjourn