April Minutes

 DATE & TIME:            Monday, 16 April 2018        7:00-9:00 P.M.

PLACE:                      Ed Center

  • President’s Report Jen Bauer      
    1. Please ask if your school has implemented SHAB Food Allergy Guidelines and formed a Wellness Committee. Policy https://www.apsva.us/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/25-3-support-for-students-wellness-PIP.pdf Guidelines at https://apsshab.weebly.com/food-allergy-guidelines.html
    2. CCPTA Forum on Prevention of Gun Violence – We will work with Arlington Chapter of Moms Demand Action and several of our secondary schools that are in process of forming chapters of Students Demand Action.  CCPTA will be trying to put on a county-wide forum in later September or early October 2018, to promote the National PTA Position on Reducing Gun Violence, including presentations on safe gun storage and adult responsibilities.  Volunteers needed to assist.CCPTA will collaborate on a non-partisan Moms Demand Action meeting.  Anyone who wants to join will  have a seat at the table
    3. Revised Bylaws – Drafts have been on the CCPTA website at ccpta.apsva.us for over 45 days.  Major changes are in the officer positions.  Draft has been approved.
    4. Slate for 2018-19 Officers. Bios are on the website.  Vote on them next meeting.
    5. Approve March CCPTA Meeting Minutes.  Approved.
  • Presentation of Slate of Proposed Officers 2018-2020 (Vote to occur May CCPTA meeting)

Treasurer – Kendra Anderson; Communications – Emily Vincent; Special Projects – Don Weinstein; Vice President – Katherine Novello

  • Presentation of Facilities Advisory Council Future Facilities Report Laura Saul Edwards

Future Facilities Needs Report and Cover Letter-1

  1. If we all engage now and collaborate with county and stakeholders we will be prepared when our facilities needs are much greater.
  2. Within 10 years APS could have 35,000 students.  If we reach that level we will need 3 additional elementary, 2 middle school, and .5 high school on top whatever we have already planned.
  3.   Which of these three projections- 35,000 or 37,5000 or 40,000 students–is most likely to happen?  These are the low, high and on budget projections.  If we plan and make every attempt to be ready for it then it is much easier than trying to catch up with it happens.  We cannot truly make a prediction 10 years out due to the fact that after 3 years out the projections get weak
  • Update on CPCI Emily Vincent We had a $5997 budget this cycle.  After handing out grants we have $0 left.  See document on grants.- Working on updating the guidelines and what we are funding. Please find out from your PTA about their draft budget for next year.  Ask how much they will be donating to CPCI.  Consider giving $1000.  Sixteen PTAs have already given this year.
  • Updates on Career Center Working Group and Strategic Plan Maura McMahon & Linley Mancilla Strategic Plan – Linely
    1. Started conversation in early November 2017. Strategic Plan is updated every 5 years. We look at where we are, where we are going, and what still needs to be done.  We view our strengths and weaknesses as a school system.  Everything is on the Engage Website.  Where do we want to be going?
    2. A lot of goals are pulled from the old plan but it is a mix of new targets and builds on strength from before.  Overall mission, vision and core values. (see website).  Goals- and what are we measuring to see if we are getting there.    Please take it back to your school PTA and provide feedback on the survey by the 19th.  Input requested on the draft 2018-24 strategic plan.
    Career Center- Maura
    1.  https://www.apsva.us/career-center/career-center-working-group/Evaluate
    2.  Career Center site to create more seats. Two phase charge – make a plan for 700-800 seats by 2022.  And beyond 2022.  Started in January; final report by August.
    3.   Joint use on library with schools?  Reed/Westover and Columbia Pike/Career Center
  • Superintendent’s Update Patrick Murphy
  1.  Sadly, Annie Turner passed away; she was the Principal at Patrick Henry Elementary
  2.  Autism Awareness Month
  3. National Volunteer Month
  4. Support Military Children
  5. Arab American Heritage month-
  6. Arlington Teen Hangout 6:30-8 pm in local community centers
  7. Strategic Plan- reports to the Superintendent.
  8. School Board has to adopt their plan- Pre-K and Montessori registration
  9. National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is April 28
  10. Budget Meeting- April 19, April 24- Budget work session (if needed),
  11. May 3- action item – adopted 2019 budget (first meeting at new Ed Center building)-
  12. School board CIP (Capital Improvement Plan) becomes county CIP adopted in July.  CIP is 10 year.
  13.  Your Voice Matters survey – collaboration with county and APCYF.  This replaces three previous surveys with one.  Families will receive letter in advance of survey
  14. Moving to the Syphax building at 2110 Washington Blvd
  15. School Board wanted to look at revenue generating items for budget.  Fees, credit card, building use, etc.  Able to change layout of Tech.  Raised with County Board- class size, foreign language in elementary.
  • School Board Update                            Monique O’Grady
  1. Next year we need to be more pro-active before tax assessment meeting
  2.  Tomorrow meeting with County Board on Career Center.  Please keep abreast of the news on this as it impacts everyone.  About 900 kids every week take classes that are not available at the comprehensive high schools.
  3.  There is a public hearing on the budget on Thursday.  We have a $16 million deficit.  School Board had to go back and look at the cuts Dr. Martin suggested due to this deficit.  Increasing fees, credit card fees for things that APS had been covering.  We will need to look for opportunities to replenish our reserves.