March Meeting Minutes



DATE & TIME:            Monday, 19 March 2018      7:00-9:00 P.M.

PLACE:                      Ed Center  

President Report                         Jen Bauer

1) Presidents Report
a) Please ask if your school has implemented SHAB Food Allergy Guidelines and formed a Wellness Committee. Policy Guidelines at
b) Additional volunteers – we need a CCPTA Treasurer and Communications Chair for next year. Linley Mancilla will be taking over as treasurer for the remainder of this year.
c) Nominating Committee – We need to form a nomination committee at this meeting and vote them in. We need a slate of candidates by the April meeting and we will be voting at the May meeting.  Even if you are not sure how you want to be involved but you know you want to be involved, let us know.  Ana White has agreed to organize the slate and record the voting, etc.  Mike O’Leary and Bob Mathew have agreed to be part of the nominating committee.  Motion to accept the nominating committee was approved.
d) Bylaws – Drafts are on the CCPTA website at  Please review; we will vote in April
e) Reminder to advocate on Budget – County Budget Hearing is April 3 with vote on the budget April 21.   Please tell them to increase the amount of money to be given to the School Board.  If we do not close the gap between the County Board budget and the school budget several changes will take place, including possibly increasing class sizes.
f)The draft February CCPTA meeting minutes were approved with two small edits.

2)Superintendent Update                                       Patrick Murphy

a)Boundaries – in 2019 we are opening 5 schools. Some are change out, 3 are new.   Whatever we do will be staged and strategic.  Changes will be reasonable and measured.
b) Women’s History Month- APS grads are being featured on the website.
c)Safety- if you see something, say something. Students walk out last week went well.  A big thanks to the SRO and APD who were there and made sure everyone was safe.
d) Resources to help APS families- substance abuse.
e) National social worker month
f) APS budget – potential impact of the “golf course bill”
g) Ed Center is closing at the end of April and everything will be moving to the Syphax building
h) Kindergarten registration through April 16

3)School Board Update                                     Reid Goldstein

a) Reid Goldstein is the vice chair of the school board.

  • School Board Budget process- All the departments figure out their needs. Recommendations are made based on what departments need and then they try to figure out what must go in the budget.  County figures out their budget.  They wait until assessments come out in January to see what they can do for the School Board.  The county/school board revenue sharing is 44.6% however enrollment is growing faster than the county budget.  County has for the past 10 years found ways to cover the gap between the two budgets.   However, this year will be different.
  • Then the Superintendent comes out with his proposed budget. Board looks at the budget and sees what is in it.  This year we have a $16 million gap. (pgs. 67-68 are the proposed cuts.)  Looking at proposed cuts and some revenue enhancements and in the process we ask questions (budget questions on website) and the county will answer questions.  April 5th will be the schools budget. April 6th is a joint work session with County Board.  On April 21 the county will vote on the budget.  Once they do that, and the Superintendent sees how much the school will get, he will set the APS budget, which will be voted on May 3.
  • They are accepting ideas from community members on ways to close the budget gap
  • What happens if we don’t get the money? School Board will have a budget that will be different from the County’s budget.
  • What about 1:1 in elementary? In reference to budget.  Some changes would not effect the next year.
  • Things will be worse next year as the schools continue to grow.


5) Boundary Process and review of Walk Zones               Kathy MimbergCCPTA Presentation March 19

    • Sept 2019- Alice Fleet school opens
    • Sept 2012- Reed opens as a neighborhood school
      1. All other school boundaries will need to be adjusted
    •  Not a typical elementary school boundary initiative

      1. Looking at whole county not just the ones impacted
      2. Two phases
        • Look at each elementary school walk zone – should it be neighborhood or option
        • June 2018 they will vote on neighborhood or option
  •  November 2018 will vote on recommended boundaries

    1. Why are we doing it this way?
      • How can we make the most of the resources we have?
      • Walk Zones – people really want to walk to school.
    2. May 1 community meeting
    3. June 21 School Board action on proposals
    4. By Summer 2020-2021 schools that are identified as potentially changing from neighborhood to option or vice versa could move entirely to new locations
    5. Walk Zone review process – civic association and PTAs working on this
        • Nearly 1700 people have responded
        • Community has identified many PU (planning units) to be added to the walk zone
        • PUs that are probable are
          • Entirely within 1 mile
          • Pose no major safety concerns
          • People are already walking from these
        • Phase 2 for elementary school boundaries will be in the fall. Need to vote before kindergarten info night

          6) Facilities Update                                                             Lois Kootnz

        1. Futures report- enrollment has grown 45% since 2016 and another 22% in 10 years.
        2. County Board has a comprehensive plan and the schools do not enter into their plan. They have a planning commission, but the schools are not involved in the commission.  Every decision we make, building et al, has to look at short term and long-term building use