February Meeting Minutes

DATE & TIME:                    Monday, 12 February 2018                                7:00-9:00 P.M.

PLACE:                             Ed Center

 President Report                                                              Jen Bauer

1)     President’s Report                                              Jen Bauer

a)     Update on Student Activities Fair- It was held February 9 and was very well attended.  We will need more help next year.  This is the biggest fundraiser for CCPTA.

b)     Please ask if your school has implemented SHAB Food Allergy Guidelines and formed a Wellness Committee.  Policy https://www.apsva.us/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/25-3-support-for-students-wellness-PIP.pdf Guidelines at https://apsshab.weebly.com/food-allergy-guidelines.html

c)     Additional volunteers – we need a CCPTA Treasurer and Communications Chair for next year

d)     Nominating Committee – to find the above new officers we need 3 members.  Volunteers for the nominating committee may not from the same PTA.

e)     Bylaws Committee – the new bylaws are in draft form, we need to discuss what officers we want CCPTA to have  complete them.  The bylaws say that we have to have 4 members on the executive board.  We currently have 6.  Suggestion was to change some of the vice president spots to a Vice President of Special Projects and a Vice President of ____________.  We don’t want to create vacancies that will be difficult to fill, but we do need more CCPTA structure and getting more people involved running CCPTA countywide would be helpful.Another question is on term limits for CCPTA officers.  What would we like to have: 1 year term or a 2 year term?  Do we want to stagger them, so we won’t have the whole board turn over every two years?The draft January CCPTA Meeting Minutes were approved.

)2     Superintendent’s Update                                   Dr. Patrick Murphy

a)     CCPTA Feb 2018

b)     This is Black History Month- https://www.apsva.us/black-history-month/

c)     Models of Excellence for High School d)     Identify alumni trailblazers- we have already identified four and there will be four more coming

e)     Arlington Past and Future Excellence – Feb 28

f)      Feb 22 proposed budget meeting at 5 pm

g)     Love the Bus Week – this week- a number of things going on at various schools this week

h)     Crossing Guard Appreciation Week Wednesday Feb 14- https://www.apsva.us/post/show-crossing-guards-school-buses-love-valentines-week/

i)      Pre-K registration – 3, 4, 5 year olds (Montessori, 4 and older Virginia preschool initiative) now thru April 16

j)      Kindergarten Registration – on-line thru April 16

k)     Summer school catalog out now.  Registration is open March 1.

l)      Kid Champion – deadline Feb 20; coaches, sponsors, etc.

m)    Flu and winter illness- wash your hands and if not feeling well stay home

3) School Board Update                                                 Tania Talento

a) Elementary school boundary discussion- where will the option programs be or will they stay where they are. No decision has been made as they want to make an informed decision with full community input. May’s meeting will be looking at the proposal. Summer will start the community engagement process on boundary issues. Work session on April 10.

b) You can find more information on the APS website.

c) Budget deliberations are coming up. There is a significant deficit in the planned budget, resulting in a tough budget year. Feb 22, Feb 27, March 13, March 15 to discuss budget.

4)     Discussion of APS Unpaid Meals Policy           Lesly Petersen

a)     There is a draft of a new policy dealing with unpaid meal purchases.  APS currently has a practice in place on what to do about unpaid meals but no formal written policy.  The new policy will reflect the current practice.

b)     APS provides a breakfast and lunch for students who qualify for free or reduced cost meals.  If students are not eligible, parents/guardians are supposed to pay.  APS does not deny any student a meal if their account holds a negative balance.

c)     Food and Nutrition Services makes every effort to collect unpaid balances.  All communication goes directly to parents not through the students.

d)     If at the end of the year delinquent debt turns into bad debt- debt that is never going to be repaid- the School Board will reimburse Food and Nutrition Services for that amount.  The schools and Food and Nutrition Services, by law, are not allowed to cover bad debt.

e)     Bad debt carries over from year to year.  At the moment APS has $60,000 in bad debt from this school year.

5)     Update on APS Know Your Rights Document   Jeannette Allen, Director of Administrative Services

a)     At the December meeting APS brought the CCPTA a draft of the “Know Your Rights” document.  At that meeting the CCPTA requested that the one page document become a two page document with one side being about the rights students have (on and off campus) and the other side being about Police and their role in our community

b)     APS has received feedback from police and student advisory board and administers

c)     General feedback from the CCPTA is make the “rights” bullets darker so that they stand out more

d)     Questions and feedback should go to Jeannette dot allen [@] apsva dot us

6)     Secondary Focus Discussion/Update on New Graduation Requirements    Tyrone Byrd

  • There will be some changes to graduation requirements.  Virginia has made the choice to move away from standardized tests toward authentic learning experiences.
  • Profile of Virginia graduate- charged with helping students to become adults who are prepared to contribute as citizens in the larger community positive ways, regardless of whether they are college bound or work bound after graduation
  • The 5 C’s- critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, collaboration, citizenship will be the focus of the new curriculum
  • There will be an emphasis on career exploration and planning, which will provide an opportunity for students to learn more about employment options and career paths.   It will begin with portfolio development in elementary school.  In middle school they will begin using a program called Naviance.
  • The curriculum will help students with career investigation.
  • Standard and Verified Credit-  Verified credits- 5 for both standard and for advanced (2 English, 1 math, 1 science, 1 history- verified meaning passed the SOLs)

7) Advocacy Chair Mahender Dudani

  • Recap of VA PTA Legislative Conference – planning for next year
  • Most important takeaway is that parent and teachers engaging with legislators is the most effective way to bring about change. Mahender suggested that PTAs (or just parents and teachers) go out and connect with your state representative to advocate for your schools and students.
  • March 14 National PTA legislative session

    8) Budget Advocacy Committee Resolution

    Dr. Murphy- previously with the direction of the School Board he came up with a needs-based budget. Then he has a tiered budget where he can remove or add to, depending on how it works with the budget he is given. This year the County Board said to the County Manager to work with the Superintendent and not to do a needs-based budget. His budget on the 22nd will not be needs based. The dynamic between the School and County Boards has changed this year. The County Manager has said there is to be no tax increase this year. On the 24th the county will advertise the tax rate.

    Revenue sharing- The current revenue sharing agreement between Arlington and APS began in 2002. Schools get money from locally generated funds, with a fixed percentage going to the schools. The number fluctuates every year. Changes if we get a larger percentage of the revenue. County Board decides how much funding the schools get.

    Jen asked if the CCPTA should take a position on school funding, as noted above. There was a motion to do so. Several members suggested that the resolution should specifically cite the dramatic growth in school population and the number of new schools coming on-line in the next few years as valid reasons to justify obtaining additional funding from the County.

    CCPTA resolves to encourage the County Board to provide APS additional funding above the county revenue share, to the extent may be necessary to ensure the continued high quality of Arlington’s public educational program offered to our growing student population, without necessitating any increase in our maximum class size or any impairment to the regular step increase provided to APS teachers. CCPTA encourages the County Board to review the County’s budget for efficiencies which may be identified to provide sources of additional funding for APS as may be needed.

    The CCPTA decided to defer discussion on the following proposal:

    CCPTA further encourages the County Board to provide additional funding for the iRide program for all APS students to fully cover the expense of using public transit in Arlington on ART bus as an increase to the current 50% subsidy.

    Following discussion, the motion was approved. Jen is to present it in person to the County Board.on behalf of the CCPTA..

    County board meeting budget hearing – March 20?