January Meeting Minutes

DATE & TIME:                    Monday, 22 January 2018                                7:00-9:00 P.M.

PLACE:                             Kenmore Middle School Computer Lab

 President Report                                                              Jen Bauer

a) The Reflections Ceremony was January 9th and was wonderful. Please consider helping the CCPTA Reflections committee next year and asking at your school to make sure your PTA has a Reflections Rep. This year’s chair was April Maddox, a Discovery Elementary School parent. Thank you to the School Board members who were there and handed out the awards. The Reflections contest is the one thing that students can move all the way up from school to national level on the same theme and with the same grading rubric.

b) Please ask if your school has implemented SHAB Food Allergy Guidelines and formed a Wellness Committee. Policy https://www.apsva.us/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/25-3-support-for-students-wellness-PIP.pdf Guidelines at https://apsshab.weebly.com/food-allergy-guidelines.html

c) Additional volunteers – we need a CCPTA Treasurer (mostly for next year and/or treasurer reports) and a Communications Chair (coordinating with the Secretary on website, tweeting, and Facebook) for next year

d) Mahender Dudani will be CCPTA Advocacy Chair and will attend the Virginia PTA Legislative Conference

e) The December CCPTA Meeting Minutes were approved without discussion.

2) Transportation Planning Update,      Kristen Haldeman APS Multimodal Transportation Planning Director

Kristin Haldeman’s position is new. Kristin is a Gunston parent who has been a transportation planner for about 15 years. Her involvement with APS transportation began when APS made changes to the bus system a few years ago. She chaired the former Multimodal transportation committee.

Transportation Policy PIP Revisions_CCPTA 012218

TDM (Transportation Demand Management Design Measures)- promoting and providing transportation choices in order to help people choose travel options other than driving alone.   TDM provides a suite of tools and support to staff and students to make using other modes easier.

a) Why does it matter? We create a mini rush hour at our schools. We increase the number of conflicts between all groups (cars, bikes, pedestrians etc.). The need for TDM comes from the need to create equity, conserve energy, enhance community safety, improve community health and fitness levels, and make alternative transportation more affordable all of which will boost urban livability

  • We are asked to look at the PIPs and provide Kristin with our thoughts on what needs to be changed   (Kristin [dot] Haldeman at apsva [dot] us)
  • PIP – parking at schools for both students and staff (Superintendent may need to cut parking)

b) Should APS fully subsidize county transportation for students making it free for kids to ride the ART bus? Might be expensive but other counties are doing so c) Current TDM practices not in PIPS

  • School parking management plans
  • Dismissal plans
  • Drop off and pick up plans
  • Designated transportation coordinator

d) Most PIPS need to be revamped. Three of the four haven’t been updated since 2005 e) Love the Bus Week mid-February

Angel Garcia Ablanque- discussed PIP 50.5 Transportation

a) Defines who is eligible for bus transportation and establishes busing zones and when buses are provided

    • Transporting students to and from school is the top priority, with other uses, such as class trips, having a lower priority

b) State provides mandates for walk zones c) PIP 50.5.1 Pupil Transportation

      • Potential areas for clarification
      • Walk distance to bus stop (not in policy or pip) distance between stops, bus stop siting guidelines, travel time limits, carriage of large instruments on buses (such as the so-called “tuba gap”, forcing students to have one at school and one at home since tubas will not be carried on school buses due to their size

3) Superintendent Update                             Dr. Patrick Murphy

a) Middle school transfer applications are due January 26 b) January 25 the 2nd quarter ends. Report cards for Secondary schools go out February 4, and for Elementary schools February 13 c) 2018-19 course selection will be getting started soon. d) There are new graduation requirements for 2018-19 incoming freshmen. The number of tests to pass has been reduced. e) Summer activity fair- February 9, 6-8 pm (need volunteers CCPTA sponsors this and it is a fundraiser for us) at Kenmore- this is a new location f) APS ranked #1 school district in the state of Virginia by A Business Insider (niche ranking) g) Two principal searches to be kicking off soon h) Stay well this winter- if not feeling well then stay home i) Weather reminders- APS decides about closures and delay openings by 5 am

4) School Board Update                                     Nancy Van Doren

Due to the walk zone some students who attend Carlin Springs Elementary school pay for county bus service if they are not in the bus zone for the school.School boundaries will be discussed at the next School Board meeting. They are naming a Career Center working group, who will help to determine how to use the site to gain additional high school seats.

5) Strategic plan                                                     Linley Mancilla

Linley was unfortunately unable to attend the meeting, but passed along the following information: We had a great deal of community feedback on the Mission, vision and values drafts. Thank you all for disseminating the request. This feedback will help the committee with the work of drafting goals for the strategy and strengthening language for the mission, vision and values drafts. There is a work session in February with the school board to discuss the work thus far on the strategic plan.

6) Annual Summer Activities Fair                          Linley Mancilla

This event is scheduled for Friday, February 9th. This is a fun and informational evening. The CCPTA helps to support the event, and looks for 4-5 volunteers to help out for three hours on Friday night (6:30 to 8:30). The CCPTA volunteers help by greeting visitors, helping to answer questions and checking-in vendors.

7) Elementary Focus Discussion/Update: Homework/Recess/iPAD Instruction

The Superintendent discussed how all schools need to make sure students are getting their full recess times. There was additional discussion of outside vs. inside recess during inclement weather; and a reminder the parents should send their children to school with appropriate clothing for the weather.For some students, homework that requires Internet access can cause problems since not all families have access at home. Schools have wireless cards they can share with students. However, some schools have a higher number of students requiring the cards and the schools do not enough cards.How much does homework widen the achievement gap? Some schools have afterschool and before school homework help. Some schools have high school kids come over and help. There are many ways to help overcome this achievement gap and good ideas need to be shared.

8) Advocacy Chair                                        Mahender Dudani

Mahender Dudani, CCPTA representative, has once again volunteered to attend the Virginia PTA Legislative Conference in Richmond on behalf of the CCPTA. Please let him know if you have any topics you wish raised. Also, let him know if your school PTA is sending their own representative to the event, so that he can coordinate with your representative.

9) Budget Advocacy Committee Resolution

Provided below is that Budget Advocacy Committee language to be reviewed for potential adoption at the February CCPTA meeting. Please take it to your individual PTA to determine if they wish to support it, and also encourage them to consider proposing their own resolutions as well.The CCPTA resolves to encourage the Arlington County Board to provide Arlington Public Schools (APS) with additional funding above the county revenue share, to the extent necessary to ensure the continued high quality of Arlington’s public educational program offered to our growing student population, without necessitating any increase in our maximum class size or any impairment to the regular step increase provided to APS teachers. The CCPTA encourages the Arlington County Board to review the County’s budget to identify efficiencies to provide sources of additional funding for APS as may be needed.Please take this back to your PTAs and see if we want to add or change anything.