November Minutes

  • President’s Report Jen Bauer
    1. Reminder– Nov, Jan, March, May meetings – Elementary Focus; Dec, Feb, April – Secondary Focus
    2. Vote on October Minutes- Minutes passed
    3. Parent Chats – help the Partnership organize these to assist with the issues identified last meeting
    4. Committee Update – MOU & Student Rights – Committee (Kathleen McSweeney, Wakefield; Juliet Hiznay,Jefferson; Kyra Wohlford, Yorktown) has made detailed recommendations concerning draft MOU with the ArlingtonCounty Police Department provided by APS. Ask for a motion to adopt the Committee’s recommendations as thepolicy of the CCPTA – will vote at December 18 meeting.

Summary position of detailed comments provided to APS:  The Virginia Department of Justice created a Model MOU balancing school and police needs, considering the statewide problem of a school to prison pipeline.  Specific     delineations in this Model MOU reflect that generally School Resource Officers (SROs) not be involved in administrative searches or school discipline, and that interviewing and questioning students by SROs at school should be limited to potential criminal activity at school or specific exigent circumstances.  Parental notification should be provided when such questioning must occur.  CCPTA recommends APS entirely and specifically adhere to the Model MOU language on these substantive points.5.  Nominations for Bylaws committee – need one additional member. Jen has and will send out a plea for a 3rd6. Following PTAs need to submit to Virginia PTA their officer data: Claremont, Jamestown, Barrett, Wakefield7. Following PTAs need to submit this years (2017) audit to Virginia PTA to remain in good standing: Abingdon, SEPTA,  ATS, Ashlawn, Barcroft, Claremont, Key, Gunston, Oakridge, Patrick Henry, Swanson, W-L, Taylor8.  Survey – which schools have fully implemented SHAB (School Health Advisory Board) Food Allergy Guidelines.                Student allergy committee developed policies that are recommended for all schools.  Jen was asked to see how and what    schools may be following the recommendations.   Food allergy guidelines can be located at: .Students bringing outside food to school should only be for themselves to eat, not for a party or celebration.  Food should not be used as a  reward, parties, etc.  Be mindful of food-centric things.

  • Treasurer Report/Minutes Adoption/Budget adoption
  1. Adopted Budget and Adopted Audit Report on website
  2. Reminder of submission deadline by tonight (grace period of one day?) for first round CPCI grant applications
  3. Need a new CCPTA Treasurer as our current one will be moving out of the county
  4. About $11,000 in monies available for CPCI. About $000 have been requested.
  5. Emily Vincent, Randolph volunteered to be involved in the CPCI process
  • Christie Murphy- Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
    1. Calendar Issues- Would like to have draft calendar for next school year approved by end of January
    2. Calendar committee is on going.
    3. Look at surrounding school districts to make a decision
    4. Recommendations will be on line at some point and will ask for people to give feedback–  Dec 1 have option out to provide feedback. 5 weeks to go and provide feedback–  Option 1 and 2 – 5 day pre-service week, Columbus Day and Veterans Day will be off for students but one would be a        professional learning for teachers.– Winter break will be 7 days– Option 3 – two-week winter break.  Teachers have to come back for preservice week.  Day and a half for both conference spring and fall

5.   Early release for professional development.  Discussion on why we can’t do it on Mondays or Fridays.  Looking at         ways to try a different format for when we do professional learning

  • Attendance and Discussion with CCPTA Reps and APS Staff:

Homework/Recess/1:1/Whole Child  – go to aps website and click on school board and click on instruction   How it fits together, how are policies being uniformly implemented–  What does it mean to be a no homework school? As kids get older increase level of responsibility. Principals can make a decision on this.  There is no edict from Dr. Murphy on the no-homework practice implemented at several schools.  If kids are doing a lot of work outside of school and are getting feedback on it that is good, homework meaningful.  Some schools have started Flip Classroom.  If people are concerned they are encouraged to go back to their PTA and to ask principals about no homework policy.  Some questions to ask, “What is our school’s policy on homework?  What do you hope to get out of homework?”   We should repeat this topic in January.2. Update from the Acceptable Use/1:1 session from Nov 15- problem with using electronics at home but problem is not   having Wi-Fi at home.3.  Should CCPTA make a recommendation for changes? We need to better understand where we are and what we are doing.

  • Superintendent Update Patrick Murphy
    • – 2016-2017 APS Annual Report- Comes out this time of year.
    • Wrap up student academic information.  Lot of good info in there.  APS annual report can be found here,           17-lores.pdf
    •  Governor’s Award for Innovation & Excellence in Education. 129 applications for recognition.  15 recognized- Oakridge and Department of Information– School Board action plan projects
    •  Acceptable use engage aps accepting feedback – community meeting December 11
    •  School options and transfers update application on-line open Jan 19, 2018. WL not accepting applications.  Will re-                    access middle school in Dec. after boundary issues are settled
    •  Budge meetings are ongoing. Feb 22 will propose FY19 budget. Tweet your comments and questions to #APSBudget.
    •  Looking at a $20 million gap.  Mid-Jan will look better at what we are at–  Middle school boundary – public meeting on Nov 30, take action on Dec 14.
    • Ed Center- new strategic plan–  Martin Luther King Jr. contest on going- due 5 pm on Dec 15
      Winter weather reminders – delay until 5 am of the day. Early dismissal announcements as early as possible around 11                am although students won’t be going home until later.

School Board Update James Lander

  • A lot of changes going on. Transportation issues that we are challenged with- 2nd on ART buses instead of school buses.  Budget coming up.  Each year is always challenging.  Will have to figure out something because we have a commitment to school, and Metro. Currently we have 27,500 students.  Pace of growth is what is triggering all of these things.  Transition from a small school system to a more urban and large urban.  Be patient with all of these things.
  • New Business/Agenda Topic for next meeting

FAC (Facilities Advisory Council)– Laura Saul Edwards- on direction for career center.  Wilson Project called the Taj Maj Hall project by some citizens.  Every dollar is being stretched as far as we can.  Trying to find places for saving everywhere we can.Reflections- April Maddox– 144 winners on local level.  12 in dance, 17 film, 28 literature, 18 music, 27 photography, 42 visual arts SEPTA update- Thank you to those schools who made donations to SEPTA.  Auction begins this Saturday.    Sensory friendly Santa event.  Dec. meeting on Dec 11 Superintendent chat.   Next Meeting Dec 18, 2017.