October Minutes


DATE & TIME:                Monday, 23 Oct 2017          7:00-9:00 P.M.

PLACE   Education Center 1426 N Quincy St, Arlington, VA 22207

  • Presidents Report Jen Bauer
    1. New CCPTA website https://ccpta.apsva.us contains calendar, bylaws, budget, officers and links to all member PTAs and traditionally represented groups
      a. Website is great. All info is on there
      b. Last month we adopted the budget and the audit report. Both are on the website.
    2. Meetings will have an alternating elementary or secondary focus, so that PTA Presidents could also attend with CCPTA reps for topics of mutual interest/discussion/action – Nov, Jan, March, May – Elementary. Dec, Feb, April – Secondary
      a. Next meeting will have an elementary focus.
    3. Nominations for Bylaws committee
      a.  We need a bylaws committee of three people. This is not a very hard job.  There is a template on the VA PTA website                     that can be used as a starting point.  Our bylaws have to be revisited and edited every five years.  Once the committee is               in place and the new bylaws are done, they will present them to the board.  The deadline for this is by the end of the                     current school year.  Volunteers serving on the committee are: Leigh Fraiser (Swanson), Sherry Bennett (ASFS) and                   Maureen La Piana.  Vote to form the committee was passed by acclimation.
  • Treasurer Report/Minutes Adoption/Budget adoption
  1. Adopted Budget and Adopted Audit Report on website
  2. Grants applications (CPCI) can now be submitted. The documents are on the website. Requests for grants will be accepted from now until the November meeting. We have about $6000 for the grants. Principals have to sign off on the grant requests.  Once grant applications are submitted and approved schools will receive the money about a month later.  If we receive more money later in the year we will do it again.

  • School Board Update Nancy Van Doren
    a) Reviewed the APS Action Plan Overview
    b) Budget will be tight this year.
    c)  Middle School Boundaries – will need to adjust due to overcrowding and new middle school (at Stratford) being built – options will be a blend based on feedback
    d)  Elementary School boundary discussions to begin this Spring
    e)  The Drew Model school program will be relocated to Patrick Henry with the Henry students moving to the new Fleet elementary school.
    f)  Reed will return to being an elementary school in 2021.
    g)  Ed Center will be moved so they can renovate this building- Superintendent will bring a recommendation on the uses of this building on November 2 and vote will be on Nov 14.
    h)  Career Center process is different from Ed Center.  This process will begin in the spring.  Working with the county will take time.   Four options: a STEAM standalone (county wide), an early college (county wide), arts program (county wide), and expansion of IE program- all on the table.  How is STEAM different from Arlington Tech?
    i) Strategic planning list up today
    j) Advisory Councils are on website. They have a countywide focus – the names of members are there but not contact info.
    k)  Board is systematically going through all the reviews on policies dealing with schools and students.    PIPS (policy implementation instructions) can be updated and revised at any time.
  • Presentation of Student Risk Survey Kim Durand, Arlington Partnership         

            The partnership is made up of 16 community members, with representatives from libraries, parks and recreation, police, and APS.  The Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth and Families (APCYF) has been around since 1999.  Its mission is to conduct research, engage the community, and advocate.  Research, engage and advocate are the key words for the Partnership.  In 2001 it started administering the Youth Risky Behavior Survey.  The survey is giving on a three-year cycle to students in grades 6, 8, 10 and 12.  The survey questions are taken mainly from material developed by the US CDC but APS has added some of its own questions.  The survey focus areas include:

  • personal safety
  • use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD)
  • bullying, aggression, and violence
  • teen dating abuse
  • mental health, such as stress, suicide, and depression
  • sexual health (8th, 10th, and 12thgrade only)
  • nutrition and physical activity

Additional information about the survey can be found online at: https://apcyf.arlingtonva.us/youth-risk-       behavior-survey/ The CCPTA members spent a lot of time discussing the survey and what the responses mean. How are kids getting this info?  There is a teen advisory board for peer to peer conversations. Staff/administration could also use this data to talk to their student bodies.   For more information on what the Partnership does please visit their website at   www.apcyf.org                                            

  • Superintendent Update Cintia Johnson
    a) Bullying Prevention Month- K-8 evidence based lesson on bullying.
    b)  Dyslexia awareness month.  Conference on Oct 28 from 9am- 3pm
    c)  APS Meritorious Award and Education Equity Awards d)  Middle School Boundaries schedule:
    Nov 14 – Superintendent recommendation
    Nov 30 – public hearing
    Dec 14 – School Board decision
    e) Ed Center – Input on what to do with the Ed Center is due on Nov 1 and a decision on Nov 14

  • Next Meeting – Elementary Focus – Homework and Acceptable Use Recess and Stress and one to one guideline – technology